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Metal Gear Solid Fancast REVISED Metal Gear Solid Fancast REVISED
Revised Fancast with new characters and different actors. - VanCityKid
Gears of War Fancast Gears of War Fancast
In Celebration of Next Week's release of the final installment of Cliffy B's Trilogy, this is my fancast of a live action adaption... - VanCityKid
Left 4 Dead Movie Prequel Fancast Left 4 Dead Movie Prequel Fancast
MY live action picks if a L4D film was ever made - VanCityKid
Metal Gear Solid Fancast Metal Gear Solid Fancast
My Take on Hideo Kojima's masterpiece - VanCityKid
Uncharted:Drake's Fortune Fancast Uncharted:Drake's Fortune Fancast
Since David O.Russell and Marky Mark are out, Uncharted fans now have a new hope to see a proper adaption of this great Video Game Series. - VanCityKid