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ARROW S2 Ep19 Titled The Man Under The Hood ARROW S2 Ep19 Titled "The Man Under The Hood"
Is it referring to Roy Harper (Colton Haynes) suiting up as Red Arrow/Arsenal? Or is it referring to another character, the Red Hood. And if it's the Red Hood, is it the Joker version or Jason Todd? Let the speculation begin! - WeaponX93
Spiderman Invites Batkid to TASM2 Premiere Spiderman Invites Batkid to TASM2 Premiere
Days after a huge mess at the Oscars, TASM2 star Andrew Garfield has invited the aspiring hero to this summer's premiere - WeaponX93
Who is Arkham Knight? Who is Arkham Knight?
With the announcement of the finale to the Arkham series, many of us wondered who the main antagonist would be. Then it was confirmed Arkham Knight wasn't just the name of the game, but a new villain. Here, I present a few theories on who it can be. - WeaponX93
ARROW Predictions (SPOILERS) ARROW Predictions (SPOILERS)
A few predictions/theories I have for Arrow and all related things. - WeaponX93
My FOX Movie Line-Up My FOX Movie Line-Up
Taking a break from fanfic, I give you my opinion on how FOX should do their shared universe. - WeaponX93
Wolverine OAU Issue #4 Wolverine OAU Issue #4
Logan needs to get Stryker help, but first he has to get rid of Creed. Who has the true answers to his past? - WeaponX93