Brian Michael Bendis Turned Down Venom Spin-Off!

Brian Michael Bendis Turned Down <i>Venom</i> Spin-Off!

The Avengers and Ultimate Spider-Man comic book writer apparently turned down the chance to write the Venom movie...

According to Digital Spy, during a recent 'Word Balloon' podcast, Bendis let slip that Sony offered him the chance to write the script for the rumoured tie-in to the Spider-Man franchise.

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The writer is said to have explained that the movie would be set "in the same universe" as the Spider-Man series which seems to indicate that Sony Pictures are most definitely going ahead with the Venom solo film.

The site also reports that Bendis went on to say that he, "believes his refusal to accept the position may have hurt his chances of acting as script consultant on the upcoming Spider-Man series reboot."

JoshW: Well, I'm not sure about you guys but I thought that Bendis' involvement in the Spider-Man reboot was pretty definite at this point. If it's not, I for one am glad as this reduces the risk of the movie featuring too many Ultimate influences! Do you think he would have been the right guy to write the Venom spin-off though? Are you disappointed that he may not be involved with the 2012 reboot? Have your say in the usual place!

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