EDITORIAL: VENOM --- A tie-in to the new SPIDER-MAN Franchise?

EDITORIAL: VENOM --- A tie-in to the new SPIDER-MAN Franchise?

With rumours surfacing that Josh Trank is in talks to direct a VENOM movie, I speculate about it's involvement, if any, to THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN, and how the overall Spidey Franchise could develop.

Okay, we don't have much news on the movie yet, so this won't take long.

But basically, my thoughts on a VENOM movie are this: If you're making a movie about a villain from a superhero's movie universe, surely you'd connect it to the hero's movie?

VENOM was originally announced around the time of SPIDER-MAN 3, and then talk quickly went quiet after the fourth movie in the series went down the pan. So, why is it being revived now? I'm pretty sure it's involved with TASM, it just makes sense. I find it hard to believe they'd make a movie about (arguably) Spidey's biggest nemesis without tying him to the hero. And I highly doubt they'd continue down the path they set out in the third movie.

What I can see happening is this: TASM is released. It's going to be great. It'll feature Rhys Ifans as the villain, and that'll be that. I can see a Nolan-esque turn of events at the end, either featuring Captain Stacy - If he survives the movie - or maybe just a newspaper clipping from the Bugle, showing a report of a massive black 'beast' lurking around the city - queue Venom as the villain for Spidey 2.

But what about the VENOM movie? Destroyer14 recently mentioned in an editorial, which I'll link to below, about a Venom comic series written by Daniel Way. The series initially features the symbiote in the Arctic with a bunch of scientists/explorers. Destroyer14 believes the movie should be a one-shot, but I think his idea could easily be incorporated into the franchise. This is how I'd like to see it going down:

These scientists work for OSCORP. The Venom movie sees the symbiote lurking in the shadows of this base, slowly looking for a worthy host, killing those that aren't. OSCORP calls in military help, and a small infantry are deployed to find the source of the murders. Among the infrantry's ranks is Flash Thompson, who's signed up after being inspired to serve his country by his hero Spider-Man. the symbiote senses Flash is worthy but sees this nobleness within him, and seeks to destroy it by both killing off his comrades and using them to brainwash him into feeling this sense of isolation and betrayal from his government, and ultimately Spider-Man, who inspired into walking into his own imminent death. The symbiote eventually reveals itself, and with Flash seeing it as his only means of survival, embraces it. The Venom movie ends with Flash/Venom returning to NYC to seek out his new-found nemesis.

Spidey 2 (or is that 5?) would see Spider-Man facing off against Venom, who all the while is being courted by Norman Osborne to work for him, after seeing all the shit that went down on his base. The trilogy would ideally end (for me, anyway) with Spider-Man having to face both the Green Goblin and Venom, ultimately leading to Gwen Stacy's death and leaving the franchise open to continue.

Destroyer14's article is here: http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/Destroyer14/news/?a=55970

What do you guys think? Sign off below with any thoughts.
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