Flash Thompson As VENOM?

Flash Thompson As VENOM?

Flash Thompson As Venom? The Amazing Spider-Man actor Chris Zylka certainly hopes so. Which version will Sony ultimately go with, any Eddie Brock fans out there?

When asked about whether he is aware that his character is the new Venom in the current Marvel run of comics and that Sony is planning a solo film for the character, the actor responded---
Zylka: "I am. I am aware," was the seemingly hesitant answer.When specifically asked whether or not he's had discussions with Sony about the "Venom" movie, the actor crossed his fingers and gave the cryptic reply, "We'll talk next year."

It's unclear whether he meant he'll talk with Sony next year or if he'll be speaking with MTV again next year about the project which would seemingly be an indication that he has the part. The actor goes on to display some impressive knowledge about the current run of Venom and the comic book counterpart of his film character---
Zylka: "Flash obviously needs no ego boost, but what's nice in the comics now, not the movies, is the fact that he's crippled and the symbiote gives him legs. There's a whole 'Avatar,' James Cameron thing, that feeling of being able to walk again and have legs. That's something that's very interesting in the comics."

Whether this actually pans out is any ones guess, as it would be pretty tough for most comic book fans to accept bypassing Eddie Brock and jumping straight to the Flash Thompson version of the character. Truthfully, the current incarnation of the character is probably the more 'filmable' alternative but purists are purists, I already know which version most of you guys would prefer to see.

You can view Chris Zylka as Flash Thompson on July 3rd in Sony's The Amazing Spider-Man.

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