POLL: Who Do You Want To See Wearing The Symbiote In Alex Kurtzman's VENOM?

POLL: Who Do You Want To See Wearing The Symbiote In Alex Kurtzman's VENOM?

Three men (not including original host Peter Parker) have worn the symbiote for any serious amount of time over the years; Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan and Flash Thompson. Which of them would you like to see in Alex Kurtzman and Sony's planned spin-off? Here's your chance to let us know!

Eddie Brock was the first man to wear the Venom symbiote after Spider-Man managed to separate himself from the alien with the use of church bells. Both Eddie and the costume were desperate for revenge and have made the life of Peter Parker a living hell over the years, although they did at one point come to a truce when battling Carnage and in Venom's role as a "Lethal Protector" and vigilante. Eddie eventually rejected the symbiote, selling it auction to the highest bidder...

That bidder wasn't Mac Gargan, but the man once known as the Scorpion did eventually bond with the symbiote. However, the weak minded former P.I. pretty much lost all control of Venom, becoming a cannibalistic hulking monster in the process. He worked closely with Norman Osborn during this time, both in The Thundrbolts and as a member of The Dark Avengers. Ultimately however, he was forcibly separated from the symbiote after being taken into custody by S.H.I.E.L.D.

After separating Mac Gargan from the symbiote, the US government decided to bond Venom with one of their soldiers. In this case, it was Peter Parker's former bully turned close friend and war hero Flash Thompson who volunteered, giving him back his legs in the process. As Agent Venom, he's fought for the government and alongside The Secret Avengers, struggling to keep the alien under his control in the process. The government does however have a "kill switch" to take him out!

So, know you've refreshed yourselves on each iteration of Venom, which of them would you like to see Alex Kurtzman bring to the big screen? Here's your chance to let us know!

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