Read The New VENOM Prequel Comic And A Breakdown Of Everything It Reveals About The Movie - SPOILERS

Read The New VENOM Prequel Comic And A Breakdown Of Everything It Reveals About The Movie - SPOILERS

Read The New VENOM Prequel Comic And A Breakdown Of Everything It Reveals About The Movie - <font color=red>SPOILERS</font>

Sony has released a new "prequel" comic book for Venom and while it doesn't exactly take place before the movie takes place, it does reveal plenty of major surprises about the upcoming PG-13 release...

Earlier today, we told you that Sony is releasing a prequel comic for Venom and, well, it's not actually a prequel as such! Instead, it features a couple of different scenes from the movie as Eddie Brock learns more about the Life Foundation and is then introduced to the Symbiote - and its powers - for the first time. The kicker here is that there are actually some big reveals about the movie's story included.

For starters, it's now clear to see that Venom is heavily inspired by the Planet of the Symbiotes, while the dynamic between Eddie and his alien visitor is a lot different to what we all probably expected.

What you see here might not be enough to convert you on the movie but it might restore some faith in the Spider-Man-less, non-R-Rated Marvel Comics adventure. To check out this breakdown of the comic book and to read it for yourselves, all you guys have to is click on the "View List" button below. 

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We saw this scene in the trailer and the comic confirms that Jenny Slate is playing a newly created character called Dora Skirth. As you can see, she's turned on the Life Foundation and Carlton Drake.
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Well, this is a rather random jump forward in time! By this point, Eddie Brock has already bonded with the Symbiote and is clearly struggling to come to terms with the unexpected guest in his body.
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This sequence gives us a much better idea of how Eddie and Venom will interact and it appears as if the Symbiote has quite a different personality to the somewhat shy and surprisingly cowardly journalist.
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Venom can take full control of Eddie whether he likes it or not and it's made clear here that the Symbiote enjoys biting heads off...and neatly arranging them almost immediately after? Okay, then.
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There are two interesting reveals here; first of all, the Symbiote is being referred to as a "Bug" and secondly, it's confirmed that if Eddie is shot and killed, Venom will then eject itself from his body. 
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Well, hot damn. Say what you will about Venom not including Spider-Man but it appears to be embracing the source material in a big way as it's revealed here that the Symbiotes hail from Klyntar. 
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Another way the movie is embracing the source material is the fact that Venom is vulnerable to fire. Some fans queried whether or not that would be the case after seeing the last trailer for the movie.
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Venom is clearly a badass and while Eddie Brock comes across as something of a wimp, you have to hope that will change as the movie progresses and we get something closer to the comic books.
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Just as we saw in the trailer, the Symbiote appears to be capable of healing Eddie's wounds and this Life Foundation thug is clearly going to regret chasing these two down as is evident from the final page.
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And this brings us to that infamous "pancreas" line in the comics. I know this is random but take a look at Venom's feet; they're more like claws as opposed to what we often see in the source material.
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Does this "prequel" comic book have you more excited for Venom or are you still very much on the fence? As always, be sure to let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section below.

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