Reese And Wernick Tease Their "Grounded" VENOM Movie

Reese And Wernick Tease Their "Grounded" VENOM Movie

In an interview with Collider the Zombieland duo discuss their "realistic, grounded, dark" script for the Spider-Man spin-off which is unlikely to see the light of day. They also describe what would have been a pretty cool scene from the movie..

As far as we know Sony are still planning on moving forward with their Venom movie with Chronicle helmer Josh Trank attached to direct, but according to Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick it probably won't be adapted from the script they pitched. "It likely will not become a movie in that form", says Wernick. "Too many things have happened in between now and then and different people have been involved, and it’s just likely not to happen in the form that we wrote it, unfortunately.". But the writing team do say they are proud of the script, describing it as "realistic, grounded, soul search-y." The two also once again comment on their Deadpool script, saying they felt they "nailed" that, but came pretty close with Venom. Will someone please make one of their superhero movies please? Anyway, they also paint a picture of a scene from the script for Collider, and it sounds pretty awesome.

"Imagine a symbiote traveling across a city at some point in the movie, jumping from body to body as it goes, and each person that it inhabits ends up becoming really violent and striking someone else and then it jumps to the next person. There was a really cool sequence like that in there."

There's more over at Collider so be sure to click the link below to check it out.

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