SPOILERS: Here's An In-Depth Look At The Rumored (And Sure To Be Controversial) Plot Leak For VENOM

<font color=red>SPOILERS:</font> Here's An In-Depth Look At The Rumored (And Sure To Be Controversial) Plot Leak For VENOM

An entire plot outline for Venom has found its way online so we've broken it down for you to delve into all the biggest twists and turns and it's fair to say that if this is accurate, the movie will bomb!

Ever since superhero movies became one of the hottest commodities in Hollywood, they've been plagued by plot leaks which have found their way online. Some of those are accurate and others are quickly dismissed as total BS but the plot outline which is currently doing the rounds for Venom is definitely interesting. It's also very easy to believe and lines up with a lot else we've been hearing.

Now, there's no guarantee this is legit and we'll leave you all to make your mind up on that but it still leaves us with plenty to talk about and is, unfortunately, sure to upset a lot of comic book fans. 

Director Ruben Fleischer and star Tom Hardy have promised that Venom will make fans happy but they're either towing the company line or completely disconnected to what fans want from this character. Anyway, you can check out the full (rumoured) breakdown of Venom's plot by clicking below and once you've done that, feel free to let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section. 

Eddie Brock Is An Ex-Con

Venom reportedly begins with Eddie being released from prison on early parole. There's no word on what he's in for or if he was still a journalist once upon a time but this is obviously a departure from the comics. Sure, the villain spent many years in and out of prison but before that, he was a mostly honest reporter who only turned on the world when Peter Parker/Spider-Man outed him as a fraud.

Eddie's Relationship With His Family

We know that Eddie's wife (played by Michelle Williams) will be making an appearance in Venom but apparently, he has a daughter too! She doesn't recognise her dad when they cross paths again and it sounds like the movie is going to deliver a pretty cliched story when it comes to how things play out.

The government will use them to try and get to Eddie and he'll ultimately save them. Does any of that sound familiar? Well, it should because it's the plot of pretty much a hundred other movies out there!

How Eddie Becomes Venom

Devastated that his daughter didn't recognise him, Eddie goes on a bender and ends up passing out in the woods. While he sleeps, space debris lands nearby and the symbiote emerges from the wreckage and ends up bonding with him. The government arrives to quarantine the crash site and a second symbiote attacks a scientist while a third is captured. Eddie, meanwhile, attempts to escape the area but winds up being captured and taken into custody as he's stumbled on something he shouldn't have.

A Second Symbiote

While the government scientists are exploring the wreckage, a second symbiote appears and bonds with someone. However, he ends up dying but the alien remains hidden in his body (unbeknownst to everyone else). This comes into play later in a very weird and seemingly nonsensical manner...

The Symbiote Manifests Its Powers

The movie's villainous scientists - presumably The Life Foundation - start performing experiments on Eddie and the symbiote eventually makes itself known and kills a bunch of them leading to the ex-con attempting to escape the facility. As he does, the alien starts showing off its powers, including dozens of arms/tendrils which take out the guards and help Eddie makes his way to San Francisco.

What Venom Looks Like

Apparently, the symbiote manifests itself as black veins on Eddie's arms and neck and only actually makes a physical appearance as the extra limbs mentioned above. There is, of course, precedent for that in the comic books but this is sure to disappoint fans hoping that a movie titled Venom would actually feature a lot of Venom. Then again, this explains why he was nowhere to be seen in the teaser.

Car Chase

Finding the government waiting for him at his wife and child's home, Eddie once again goes on the run and what follows is a car chase which sees him manifest a shield using the symbiote that he uses to knock cars out of his way. However, after learning that the government has his family, he's forced to go back into custody where it turns out a third symbiote has been placed in containment. 

The Final Battle

When Eddie's Venom symbiote sees that third symbiote, it loses it and finally forms the costume from the comic books over him. The alien in containment breaks free, takes over the scientist, and it's on! 

It's not made clear if this is the Carnage symbiote but we know from the source material that these aliens have their own personalities back on their homeworld, so there's a very good chance these two are enemies, hence why the fight breaks out. Either way, Venom makes short work of the scientist he does battle with and as we mentioned above, Eddie and his family are able to escape.

Weird Sequel Set Up

Right at the end of the movie, that dead scientist who was taken over by a second symbiote is revealed to be alive. This scene clearly takes place to set up a sequel but why should we care? This plot leak doesn't make that clear but with no chance of Spider-Man showing up, Venom is going to need someone to do battle with and that's presumably why this symbiote is shown to be alive and kicking.

So, What's The Verdict? 

This supposed leaker claims that Venom only actually shows up for around two minutes during the final fight. Rumour has it that the movie has a very modest budget so this does make sense but Sony has to know that this is going to lead to a lot of criticism and disappointment among fans. 

Then again, the movie is being produced by Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach, a team with very...unique...ideas about the Spider-Man franchise, hence why The Amazing Spider-Man movies went down such a bizarre route. With that in mind, the two of them doing this with Venom really wouldn't be that much of a shocker and if this leak is accurate, Venom being a flop is pretty much guaranteed...

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