VENOM: Here Are All The Biggest Reveals And Best (Worst?) Moments From The First Trailer

VENOM: Here Are All The Biggest Reveals And Best (Worst?) Moments From The First Trailer

VENOM: Here Are All The Biggest Reveals And Best (Worst?) Moments From The First Trailer

Following the release of the first teaser trailer for Venom, we take an in-depth look at the sneak peek to figure out all the biggest reveals and to highlight the best moments...or should that be worst?

Well, that was...awful? The first trailer for Venom was underwhelming to say the least as there was no sign of Venom himself, a reveal which would have generated a lot of excitement, especially if Sony Pictures had got it right. Instead, we were treated to a series of scenes of Tom Hardy, er, doing stuff!

That doesn't mean the teaser didn't drop some notable reveals, though, and it definitely left us with a fair bit to talk about. Sure, we didn't get to see the symbiote in action but it wasn't completely absent and the footage may have even shed some light on the new origin the character is getting here. 

Here, you'll find an in-depth look at the trailer with details on all the biggest reveals and best (or should that be worst?) moments. All you need to do is click either one of the buttons below to check it out!

A New Origin Story

You may not think that the teaser trailer for Venom reveals much but it's not hard to figure out the character's new origin story. Journalist Eddie Brock breaks into this laboratory in a bid to find out what the Life Foundation is up to, inadvertently bonds with the symbiote, and then spends the entire movie on the run as they attempt to track their experiment down and stop him from making their shady operation public. Sounds like the Venom you know and love from the comics, right? Not exactly!

Psychic Powers

Oh God, Sony is really going to play with Venom's powers in this movie, aren't they? While it could be down to editing trickery, it seems that one of Eddie's new powers will be telekenisis as he leaves this office in disarray. Hopefully, it's just unfinished and the symbiote is the one responsible.

Venom's Arrival

It's hard to say for sure what's going on here but this looks a lot like a crashed spaceship and given the lazy way the Venom symbiote was brought to Earth in Spider-Man 3, it would add up for Venom to go down the alien invasion route, making the substance responsible for this apparent crash.

Symbiote In Disguise?

This may be a stretch but could that black leather jacket Eddie Brock is wearing be the symbiote in disguise? The alien is able to disguise itself as clothing in the source material and it could make for some pretty amusing scenes. On the other hand, this could simply be a black leather jacket! 

Riz Ahmed's Mysterious Scientist

It's been widely reported that Riz Ahmed is taking on the role of The Life Foundation's Dr. Carlton Drake in Venom and this trailer appears to confirm that as we see him performing that scan on Eddie and later inspecting the symbiotes which have presumably been retrieved from the crash site. The bad thing about this is that we can now probably forget about seeing him suit up as Carnage.

Tom Hardy's Weird Accent

And you thought his Bane accent was weird! I have no idea what's up with this but it's pretty awful.

The Symbiotes

Well, the Venom symbiote looks pretty comic book accurate I guess but it is damn near impossible to get black alien goo wrong! It's just a shame we never get to see the damn stuff on Eddie Brock. 

Out Of Control

Eddie Brock sure looks unhappy here but if this is the sort of quality filmmaking we can expect from Venom, we may have to brace ourselves for another Gangster Squad style disappointment.

What's Wrong With Eddie Brock?

If my theory about Venom's new origin is accurate, common sense says that the Life Foundation is trying to figure out what the deal with Eddie is after he bonded with the alien substance, something he doesn't respond particularly well to. Those scans are probably related to them trying to work out where the symbiote has vanished to after two have become one and "I" is turned into "we."

Anne Weying

Our first look at Michelle Williams' Anne Weying doesn't reveal much but we know that she's Eddie ex-wife in the comics and that could very well be the case here too. Alternatively, it's possible she and Eddie are still in a relationship and that she spends the movie worrying about his disappearance.

No Venom

Perhaps the most shocking thing about this teaser trailer is that we get no sign of Venom beyond that pretty lame logo at the end. As I mentioned above, showing the character here would have been a smart way to generate excitement and discussion but we instead get what looks like a generic action thriller and that's not something which leaves even the most open-minded fans with much to say.

No Spider-Man

With no sign of Venom, you'd think we'd at least get some sort of nod to Spider-Man either in Hardy's voiceover or even a newspaper's front page. Alas, the signs are still pointing to the wall-crawler not existing in this world and that's bound to disappoint an awful lot of fans. 

A Visit To Asia

There were rumours that Venom would take us to Asia and if you look at the vehicles in this scene, that's now confirmed. Just how important to the plot this will be obviously remains to be seen for now.

A San Francisco Setting

We've known for a while now that, like the Lethal Protector comic book series, Venom will be set in San Francisco. This trailer confirms that, a sign it will be comic book accurate in one respect at least.

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