VENOM Hi-Res Images Focus On The Symbiotes And Venom's Epic Battle With Riot

VENOM Hi-Res Images Focus On The Symbiotes And Venom's Epic Battle With Riot

Now that Venom is in theaters, some incredible VFX images have been released which put the spotlight on quite a few of the movie's symbiotes along with the action-packed battle between Venom and Riot...

Believe it or not, Venom cost Sony Pictures only $100 million and while an argument could be made that that was reflected in the meagre 90-minute running time, there's no faulting the movie's special effects. In fact, both Venom and Riot looked incredible and it's easy to see why so many comic book fans are now anxious to see Eddie Brock go toe to toe with Cletus Kasady (Carnage) in the sequel.

Now, with Venom in
theaters, some VFX images from the movie have been released and they put the spotlight on some of the best scenes, including Venom's battle with Riot during the final act. If you haven't watched Sony's first live-action Spider-Verse movie, then there are some minor spoilers here but nothing which should ruin your enjoyment. For the most part, they're all just really cool.

So, to take a look at the gallery, all you have to do is click on the "View List" button down below.

Tom Hardy's bizarre facial expression in this image pretty much sums up his crazy performance in Venom, right? Regardless, it's easy enough to see why Eddie Brock was freaked out by Riot's ugly mug.

The symbiotes didn't play as large a role in the movie as some fans would have liked and the reason why they killed some hosts pretty much instantly was never delved into. They sure look cool, though!

It's widely thought that this symbiote was supposed to be Scream but seeing as it ended up dying due to not being bonded with a suitable host, we never actually got to see that villain in this movie.

Regardless of whether you loved or hated Venom, there's no denying that the visual effects were impressive. Sony has a spotty track record in this regard but the VFX exceeded expectations.

Riot had many of the same powers as Carnage so Sony will have to really come up with something special to distinguish that villain form this one when he inevitably makes an appearance in the sequel.


While the symbiotes look incredible here, Eddie Brock and Carlton Drake look like video game characters! Ultimately, this sequence was so quick, it didn't hurt as they weren't on screen that long. 

While it's a shame that Venom didn't have the white spider logo on his chest, Sony deserves some props for giving him some sort of white pattern and that will hopefully further develop in the sequel.

Here, Venom is about to eat the head of the crook who has been making Mrs Chang's life a nightmare for so long. Whether the punishment fit the crime is something we'll leave you to decide.
What do you guys think of these images from Venom? Were you impressed by the visual effects in the Marvel movie? Let us know your thoughts on that in the comments section down below.

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