VENOM News.... Stan The Man Appearance!

VENOM News.... Stan The Man Appearance!

It would seem Stan Lee has yet another cameo Marvel role in the spin off movie Venom. Read it here...

It's a foregone conclusion that Marvel's former president and chairman Stan Lee will have a cameo in every single movie based on a Marvel Comics character!

Zombieland creators Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese are the ones that are working on the Venom script. This might thrill Marvel fans or not as they admitted that Stan Lee will appear in the Venom movie and that they have even already written his character part for him!

LEEE777 - Well i personally don't like this idea myself as seeing him in too many cameo's in Marvel movies takes a little bit of the movie away! i mean all the power to the guy, he's Stan The Man but its getting a little too much. What do you guys think?

Still its good that we have any news about the Venom spin off, i cant wait, now if only SONY can make it really dark and maybe even spin a CARNAGE R-Rated out of this, now that would be something! ; )

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