VENOM 2: Andy Serkis Has Officially Closed A Deal To Direct The Upcoming Sequel

VENOM 2: Andy Serkis Has Officially Closed A Deal To Direct The Upcoming Sequel

Venom star Tom Hardy appeared to confirm that Andy Serkis was set to step behind the camera for Sony Pictures' upcoming sequel, and now it's official. Check out a Tweet from Serkis himself right here...

Tom Hardy recently shared an Instagram post which appeared to confirm that Andy Serkis was in line to helm Sony's Venom sequel, but the news has now been made official by THR and Serkis himself via Twitter.

Serkis is obviously best known as an actor, and is widely regarded as a pioneer of motion-capture performance, having brought life to the likes of LOTR's Gollum, Planet of the Apes' Caesar and The Last Jedi's Snoke. He also appeared as Ulysses Klaue in Black Panther. However, he does also have quite a bit of experience behind the camera, having served as the second unit director on The Hobbit trilogy before going on to direct Breathe and Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle.

Hardy is set to reprise the role of Eddie Brock for Venom 2, which will also feature Woody Harrelson as Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage.

Tell us, do you think Serkis would be a good fit for Venom 2? Sound off down below, and check out a recap of the first film's most batshit crazy moments.

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Tom Hardy's Performance

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Yes, the star of the movie gets his very own spot on this list, and for very good reason.

Tom Hardy's performance as Eddie Brock/Venom has been lambasted and praised in equal measure, and when you see some of the choices he makes with this character you'll likely understand why.

With his accent veering constantly between standard American and that infamous New York/Boston mumble, the Academy Award-nominated actor tears through Venom like a wild-eyed force of nature, and is by far the most memorable part of the film... for better or worse!

A Nice Chicken Dinner

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In easily the most gross-out moment of the movie, Eddie Brock is compelled by his ravenous new friend to eat a rotten chicken carcass out of the garbage.

Eddie starts off with a few frozen chicken nuggets before diving right into the trash and devouring the contents. He then rushes into the bathroom and vomits - quite graphically - into the toilet.

It's... not pleasant.

A Dip With The Lobsters

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Once Eddie realizes that something is very wrong with him, he follows his ex Annie and her new boyfriend into a restaurant, which probably wasn't the best place to take a constantly hungry alien parasite.

Venom forces his host to try a few morsels from various plates before Brock dives into a lobster tank to cool down, biting into a live crustacean while he's at it.

Apparently, Hardy came up with the idea to leap into the tank, and fake lobsters needed to be flown in at the last minute to accommodate him.

Venom Likes Heads

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Who doesn't, right?

Venom may have dispensed with that rumored R-rating, but that doesn't mean it skimps on the brutality.

There's no blood and it's never particularly graphic, but Venom does gleefully chow-down on quite a few heads in this movie, which is something we never expected to see in a PG-13 "superhero" flick.


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Just in case it wasn't already abundantly clear that Venom does not take place in the established Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eddie Brock drops an F-bomb towards the end of the movie.

Sure, The X-Men movies are also produced in associations with Marvel Studios and characters curse-up a storm in them, but with Sony now sharing a much closer connection to The MCU thanks to the Spider-Man deal, this is a little more surprising.

If that crossover ever does happen, Venom is gonna have to wash his mouth out with soap.

Venom Calls Eddie A Pussy

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Similarly, it's hard to imagine any character associated with The MCU referring to someone else as a "pussy" (edit: Tony Stark does in Iron Man 3, which completely slipped my mind), but that's what happens in Venom.

To be fair, it's actually one of the funniest moments in the movie, as Venom urges Eddie to jump out of a window only to berate his lack of cojones when we then cut to him taking the elevator instead.

Venom Makes Out With Eddie (Kinda)

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One of the early Twitter reactions got some attention when it revealed that Venom and Eddie make out in the movie, but when the scene is put into context that's not exactly what happens.

Yes, Eddie and Venom do kiss, but the symbiote is bonded to Annie at the time (we get a quick glimpse of She-Venom) which obviously doesn't paint quite the homoerotic picture many fans had in their minds after the initial Tweet.


Image result for venom movie carnage

As rumored, Woody Harrelson does indeed show up in the mid-credits scene as Cletus Kasady in a faintly ridiculous red wig, and teases the "Carnage" to come.

It's a decent set-up for a sequel featuring the serial killing villain, but it has so little to do with the movie we just watched that it feels dropped in out of nowhere as a result.

"Meanwhile, In Another Universe"

Image result for into the spider verse

Rather than tease a connection to the live-action MCU Spider-Man, the post-credits scene of Venom establishes a link to the animated universe of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.

We get a clip from that movie featuring Miles Morales chasing The Prowler before visiting the grave of Peter Parker, only to discover that the original Webhead is still alive in another dimension.

It's an impressive scene, but just another example of some of the bonkers choices the Venom movie makes.
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