30 characters alternate pics for Marvel vs Capcom 3

30 characters alternate pics for Marvel vs Capcom 3

Pics of Alternate colors (suits) for the revealed characters except Haggar, Phoenix, Jill & Shuma

I was on facebook and noticed in my News Feed that Marvel vs Capcom 3 had up a new post. They mentioned "Marvel's Chris Baker" will be writing about Marvel's decision on why they wanted/picked certain colors for their characters. And something about he wanted to hear from the people what they thought about them.

Anyway in this recent article that we posted on destructoid.com, he posted up picks of 30 characters (these were the only ones available in the game build he had to play with) with their 4 colors/suits. Some suck to me, but hopefully Capcom will have DLC like they do for Street Fighter 4 and we'll get different designs for these characters (hopefully we can get Wolverine in a wife beater, jeans, cowboy hats & boots).

Here are the pics: (seeing that Cap pic with the Punisher skull on his chest [where did that come from?], I'm starting to believe that picture of Akuma [Some Marvel guy had uploaded a character selected screen on some site and Akuma was one of the 3 members on the 1Player team] I saw over the weekend)

Here is that Akuma pic I mentioned above:

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