After Two Failed Movies, A HITMAN TV Series Is In The Works From Fox And Hulu

After Two Failed Movies, A HITMAN TV Series Is In The Works From Fox And Hulu

Two attempts have been made to bring the Hitman franchise to the big screen and both bombed. Now, Fox has decided that the assassin might be better suited to television and you can find out more here.

According to Deadline, Fox 21 and Hulu are working together on a TV series based on the hit video game franchise, Hitman. Developed by IO Interactive, the series has gone through many iterations but each of them have proven to be great fun as players take control of Agent 47 and kill targets in a variety of unique and interesting ways. The property never worked as a movie, though, so what about TV?

Well, the pilot's script is being written by Derek Kolstad, the creator of the John Wick franchise who wrote the first instalment and will write the third one as well (currently on course for a 2019 release). 

The current hope is that Hitman will become one of Hulu's flagship shows and it is admittedly easy to imagine the concept working well in an episodic setting as it could revolve around a new kill each week. Whether or not viewers will be willing to give it another chance remains to be seen, especially after two pretty terrible movies which put action ahead of what makes the video games so popular. 

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