After hearing many different theories online, I've come up with my own idea as to who's under the mask of that mysterious character. Be forewarned, there are heavy SPOILERS from Arkham City past this point.

When Batman: Arkham Knight was revealed to the public, I had the same reaction that most people did: I was excited. But I wasn't just excited; I was incredibly stoked and eager to get my hands on it. Not only do we finally get to drive the Batmobile, but the game features a mysterious new character by the name of Arkham Knight.

I desperately wanted to find out who this character would turn out to be. Would it be someone from the comic books that we all know and love? Or would it be someone completely new and unexpected? I needed to find out and October seemed so far away. Being the type of person that I am, I searched the internet for a number of theories regarding the character's identity.

I've heard everything from Jason Todd to Prometheus to Azrael... My point is that I've found a ton of interesting ideas. While I think it would be absolutely stellar if Jason Todd's Red Hood made an appearance, I do not think he's under the Arkham Knight's mask. Well, by now I'm sure you guys and gals are all sick of this exposition and just want me to get on with it, so I shall.

Arkham Knight is both Batman and the Joker at the same time.

Yeah, I hear you guys screaming right now. "What?! That doesn't make sense! Is this guy high or something?". The answer to that is no, by the way. Now, before you guys start freaking out on me in the comments, let me explain my theory a little further.

You guys remember the posters in the Harley Quinn's Revenge DLC for Arkham City? What did they say again?

That's right. Cadmus Labs. Cadmus is often portrayed as a government facility that's responsible for genetic cloning and creating "monsters". Some versions even depict them being responsible for creating Superboy!

So, what does this all have to do with the Arkham Knight? Well, I'll tell you. In Arkham City, there is a scene in which the Joker knocks out Batman. He later awakens with Joker's toxic blood transfused into him. So, let me make this clear: Joker's blood currently runs through Batman's veins.

This is where Cadmus gets involved. Now, the rest of this is pure speculation on the plot of Arkham Knight. I might be right, I might be wrong. Whatever the case, you should still find it somewhat interesting.

Alright, so let's say that Cadmus (for some reason or another) decides that they want to use their technology to create a clone of Batman for their own use (or maybe for an employer?). They spend a long period of time secretly tracking the Dark Knight until they are able to obtain a blood sample (most likely from some sort of fight with another villain). Cadmus Labs is then able to create a living being using Batman's DNA. However, something goes wrong:

This creation of theirs turns out to be a Batman/Joker hybrid. And this is all because of Joker's blood being put into Batman in Arkham City. This clone has the desire to serve justice and avenge the innocent, much like Batman, but also has chaotic impulses and a liking of weapons, much like the Joker. This character would essentially be the "child", if you will, of Batman and the Joker, having traits that are similar to both individuals. The clone takes the moniker of the Dark Knight and corrupts it with a bit of Joker-ness, hence calling himself the Arkham Knight.

This idea, while a bit "out there" in terms of realism, could make for a really interesting plot that could have this clone deal with an identity crisis. I really hope Rocksteady does something like this. And hey, this could be true, as Rocksteady has already said that Arkham Knight would be a "new" character. A Batman/Joker clone technically counts, doesn't it?

If you liked my theory, be sure the hit the "Thumbs Up" button and leave a comment telling me your ideas on this mysterious character.
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