EDITORIAL: 5 Hero-Based Video Games That I Want To See In The Future

EDITORIAL: 5 Hero-Based Video Games That  I Want To See In The Future

The Arkham games. The inFamous saga. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. We've had a lot of great games in the past based on superheroes, and why should they stop being made? CBM user anthonyEstark is here with a list of some games that he would like to see in the future.

Heroes? No such thing? That isn't true in video games! In the industry of gaming, we've seen many improvements in technology, between the graphics, story, characters and more. And now in 2014, games can be made that seem almost too perfect. And over the years, some of these great games have been based on superhero characters. I'm here to give my thoughts on some more games that us fans could (and hope to) see in the future. I won't be counting movie tie-in games, as nearly every film has had one, and not many have been that great. So read on to check out some of my top picks for the future!

Number 5: Green Lantern.
Green Lantern is one of the most unique characters in comic book history, as he is able to fly, as well as create any sort of construct he puts his mind to. Imagine the possibilities you could do with that! He's not an easy character to pull off, and over the years he hasn't been portrayed correctly (Look to the Martin Campbell directed film for reference), but if done correctly the final payoff would be well worth it, and we would get a great game.

Number 4. Superman.
Another hard-to-portray character in a game is our Man of Steel himself, Superman. In fact, with the release of Zack Snyder's Man of Steel into theaters, the only tie-in we got was a cheap mobile game. While it is understandable that Superman is a hard character to pull off in a game, much like Green Lantern, he was one of the first superheroes to come to comics, and even today is still one of the most iconic and recognized. I would prefer that someone like RockSteady create this game, as they've done an amazing job with Batman in the main Arkham trilogy, and with that series ending, I think that it's time they move on and give more characters like this a new twist in gaming.

Number 3. The Avengers.
If there is one team that hasn't been marketed in video games, it's The Avengers. While they are the second, if not the most popular team in comic history, but the only games we've had based solely on Earth's Mightiest Heroes was the 2012 released fighter style game Avengers: Battle For Earth, released only to X-Box 360 and Wii U consoles, the fan-favorite Lego Marvel Super Heroes, released to all consoles in October last year, and the well-known MMO Marvel Heroes. And while these games may be fun to play, We want something more. Something with a great story, great graphics, great characters and more, which we need. A great story to portray would be Secret Invasion. Australian gaming studio THQ was working on a game with the concept featuring characters such as the X-Men, the Fantastic Four and more, but the game was sadly canceled before it's release.

Number 2. Justice League.
With the Justice League, we've had several games already, such as the beat-'em-up style Injustice: Gods Among Us as well as it's upcoming sequel, DC's online MMO's Infinite Crisis, and DC Universe Online, and more. But much like The Avengers, we still haven't got what fans want. The Justice League can be harder to pull off than The Avengers, and that's one of the reasons that DC hasn't made a film yet. But we need to see these characters in a full-feature game. Much like with my Superman category, I believe that RockSteady should create the game, as all of these heroes and villains could be done greatly if payed attention to. Now, onto our final game...

Number 1. DC VS. Marvel.
If there's one game I've seen requested, talked about, and even teased in video games, it's a crossover between Marvel and DC comics. We've already seen both crossover with other companies such as Capcom and NetherRealm, but never with each other. There are two possible ways that the two could be portrayed in games, and those are: 1. LEGO games. We've had video games from LEGO and TT Games for both DC and Marvel, and at the end of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, Batman was actually teased, but ended up being Black Panther. 2. A beat-'em-up style game. A very likely way to do a crossover would be to do it in the format of NetherRealm's Injustice: Gods Among Us. Many fans enjoyed the first, and with a sequel in the works, that means that the franchise isn't dead, and there's a possibility that we could see some Marvel characters in the future.

Well, those are the top 5 video games based on superheroes that I hope to see in the future of gaming. Not what you were expecting or wanted to see? Drop a comment below, and let us know your favorites and most expected!
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