EDITORIAL: My Top 5 Favorite Movie-Based Video Games

EDITORIAL: My Top 5 Favorite Movie-Based Video Games

It is a simple fact of life that video games based upon upcoming films tend to suck big time. However, there are that select few that shine above those shitty cash-grabs and sometimes are as good if not better than the films they are based upon. Hit the jump for my favorite games based off of films.

5. Batman Begins

Bear with me on this one. While not many of people have expressed much love for this game, I could remember the nights I spent playing it and just admiring the kind of atmosphere that surrounded Batman, not to mention Christian Bale's cold and emotionless voice rocking the speakers. I believe that Batman Begins showed that video game tie-ins could be better than what was normally being shat out. Seriously guys, it is nowhere close to the Bat-games we have now, but with the graphics, the feel, the cast from the film doing the voices, and the extra batsuits, it was a helluva good start.                                                                               

4. Peter Jackson's King Kong

I was a little surprised by this one. I half expected it to suck but what I actually got was about a half-day's worth of excellent survival gameplay, not to mention the areas that you play as Kong were simply breathtaking. As Jack Driscoll, you have to fight off swarms of pre-historic creatures and even dinosaurs with simple weapons and a cool(but limited) arsenal of guns. Never before has a game made me value a spear quite like this title. The game immediately grabs you and doesn't let go until it's final and iconic, climactic ending. Any Kong fans that have not played this game, I will tell you that you tuly don't know what you are missing.                                                                                                                             

3. The Godfather

While not exactly a 'tie-in', The customizable gangster was a plus for me, and then being able to follow the legendary story of the film with your own character and interacting with the characters from the movie was truly a treat for a fan like me. The gameplay featuring the gunfighting and driving gave it a GTA-feel and was a solid mechanic to go with, and made this game a nice addition to the world of The Godfather. I will say that at times the side missions were repetitive, but it wasn't so repetitive that it took away from the fanatstic experience of the game. A must play for fans of The Godfather.                                                                         

2. Spider-man 2

I can't tell you how many times I'd fire this baby up just to swing around New York City. Besides the web-slinging fun, the narration by Bruce Cambell, the crazy boss fights, and the overall tone of the game were what helped this to be even better that the first game it followed after. Although I can't stress at how many times I'd get annoyed at the camera angles and the fact that those damn balloons floated away way too fast...                                                                            

1. The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay 

This tie-in is a beautifully dark and immersive look into the world of Riddick. The game wonderfully interprets Butcher Bay the way I had imagined with its claustrophobic atmosphere and creepy inmates. It was something to just stand there and admire every little detail that was put into the making of the prison, not to mention that this game is one of the best first-person shooters to ever grace consoles. A strong point is definitely the hand-to-hand combat that even puts gun usage to shame. Also, Vin Desiel's voice and likeness was a highlight as well. It's sad that that the film it was based upon, The Chronicles of Riddick, didn't pan out so well.

Honorable MentionsThe Punisher, X-Men Origins: WolverineJaws: Unleashed, Spider-Man, Star Wars: Episode III, and Goldeneye 007(N64). Please feel free to share your lists and comments below!

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