EDITORIAL: What Will 100% Happen In The Sequel To BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

EDITORIAL: What Will 100% Happen In The Sequel To BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY

LEVITIKUZ looks into his crystal ball, and tells you 10 things that will 100% happen in a sequel to Batman: Arkham City. We will see old and new heroes, old and new foes, wars, and a new Mayor? Click to find out more!

Let’s be honest when it comes to news like we have seen for the next Batman game, we have no idea what to expect. Dini isn’t coming back for the next game and rumor has it we have this Silver Age prequel. I’m going to focus on the present and future. As most people know, I’m a huge fan of Rocksteady’s Batman series. I’m not going to focus on this prequel game but instead focus on a sequel to Arkham City. As we all are debating on what we want to see in third game, I’m going to look inside my crystal ball and tell you 10 things that will happen. Let’s begin…


This is a no brainer. I really don’t need to explain it. Conroy will return to voice Batman.He voiced Batman in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City.

2. Riddler Will Return

Rocksteady is a big fan of including riddles in their game. We have seen riddles from the Riddler in both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Fans also loved what Rocksteady did with Riddler making him more like Jigsaw from the Saw series.

3. The Game Will Take Place In Gotham

Rocksteady is running out of places for settings. First we ha Arkham Asylum. Then we had a section of Gotham called Arkham City. There is no way to go for a sequel other than Gotham. Gotham will be free roam. Imagine how big Gotham will be. It will take days to think a Riddle trophy.

4. Nightwing, Robin, And Catwoman Will Be Return, Will Be Playable, And Will Be Involved In The Story, And Will Have Free Roam

You can't introduce playable characters in a game like this and not have them come back. Catwoman, Nightwing, and Robin will return and be playable. They will also have their own stories. Catwoman had her own story in Arkham City so why not think of another one for her? Robin had his story in Harley Quinn's Revenge. Nightwing was the only one left out. It's also likely that they will be able to free roam around Gotham. Console gamers were upset at the fact you couldn't do that n Arkham City but PC gamers found a waya to play as Nightwing and Robin in free roam.

5. Gang War

The only thing I was disapoinnted with in Arkham City was that it seemed like their would be a gang war but that never happeed. Black Mask will be involved next game without a doubt since he had no part in this game. Also the Falcone family will likely return. They left Gotham so they wouldn't be in Arkham City and will return. Add Two-Face and Penguin's gang, and we got a full city gang war.

6. Huntress WIll Be Fully Introduced And Playable

In an tape, we have Quincy Sharpe mentioned Huntress in an interview with Vicki Vale. It's obvious she exists in this universe because she is mentioned. Huntress will likely be a new playable character in the series that will be introduced in the next game.

7. And You? You Will Burn

In Azrael's meeting with Batman he said that Batman will "close the gates of hell, and you will burn.". I've been on some Arkham forums and everyone thought Batman would die. I don't see it that way. Let's think for a second. Hush is running around as Bruce Wayne, trying to destroy his life. I don't think Azrael meant Batman will burn, I think he meant Bruce Wayne will burn.

8. Scarecrow To Be The Main Villain

There are way to many easter eggs involving Scarecrow. He taunts Batman through cryptographic sequencer messages, he has a hideout in Arkham City and has been in contact with the Falcone family, he has henchmen that were revealed during Protocol 10, he's wants revenge on Batman, he has fear gas in a Riddler hideout and Hush's hideout. There are way to many reasons.

9. The Joker Will Stay Dead Unless One Villain Brings Him Back

I wrote an article about this called “Editorial: There Is Only One Person Who Could Bring The Joker Back After His Death In ARKHAM CITY”. It explains who this one person is and states the real Joker died.

10. Jim Gordon Will Run For Mayor

In some concept art of the game, we see a poster telling people to vote for Gordon for Mayor. Now since Quincy Sharpe signed on and let Arkham City happen, he will likely be impeached. We need a new mayor so why not Gordon?

What are your thoughts and feelings? Comment below. Peace.
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