EXCLUSIVE: Gameloft's Barnabé Anglade On Creating THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Mobile Game

<span style="color:red"><b>EXCLUSIVE:</b></span> Gameloft's Barnabé Anglade On Creating THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Mobile Game

In this interview with Gameloft producer Barnabé Anglade, we explore the creation and development of The Amazing Spider-Man mobile video game, which is now available. Hit the jump to read more.

When Gameloft first announced The Amazing Spider-Man for our mobile devices, it looked like quite the spectacle. Now that the game is finally released, you can find out just what went into the development process, how close they worked with Marvel Comics, and how the game has evolved from Spider-Man: Total Mayhem.

Is the story to The Amazing Spider-Man original or is it adapted from the movie?
“It follows the main milestones of the movie, focusing on Connors turning into the Lizard and the infection’s threat to the city. But some parts – one example would be the gangs you have to contend with - are original, and were written & designed internally at Gameloft, but then approved by Marvel.”

Spider-Man: Total Mayhem was a great game, how does The Amazing Spider-Man evolve from that?
“Total Mayhem was really enjoyable and exciting, with a nice pace and a rewarding fight system. The main goal for us with this new Spider-Man game was to get rid of the linear aspect and to allow total freedom for the player. Freedom in terms of mission choice and freedom of roaming and engaging in random encounters, but also in terms of character customization through the skills & combos upgrade you choose to grant to Spidey.”

Is Spider-Man's combat influenced from anything?
“Total Mayhem, without a doubt – the choice of displaying the “avoid” button all times makes the combat more demanding.”

What went in to designing New York? Are there recognizable landmarks?
“Yes, there are. For instance, you begin the game in Times Square, and you can also visit Central Park and some of the more famous piers. That said, even if achieving familiar look for New York City was important, realism was not the main focus. The city is meant to be the player’s playground and more like the NYC of Spidey’s universe, where one of the most memorable landmarks is the fictional Oscorp Tower”

In recent years Spider-Man games have been pretty hit and miss, did you go back and look at any previous Spider-Man games for inspiration?
“Of course. And it’s been pretty fun seeing people compare our game to Spider-Man 2 (though it makes total sense as it was the first free roaming attempt). Though my personal favorite was on PS1. Less open but pretty straightforward and fun.”

Did Marvel Comics have a big input on the game's development?
“We shared a lot with Marvel and they provided solid inputs and directions. They are pretty comprehensive, and very understanding of the production constraints that come with tight deadlines. They seem to get what’s doable and what’s not and not all licensors get that.”

Who is voicing The Amazing Spider-Man?
“It’s Andrew Chaikin. He already performed the voice of Spider-Man in Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. His voice reflects the youth of Peter Parker - who is still a high schooler and not yet the big city photographer he will one day be - very well.

Are there any plans for DLC?
Who knows? :)

After a week of gameplay, I can definitely say that this game is well-worth buying. You can check out my review and tell me what you think!
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