FIRST FULL look at MK Legacy Season 2 Characters in Costume!

FIRST FULL look at MK Legacy Season 2 Characters in Costume!

Thanks to a recent tweet on Twitter we get our first looks at Scorpion in his full on specter glory and fan-favorite KENSHI in his video-game accurate suit complete with red blindfold and ALL MK characters for season2!

Thanks goes out to Ian Anthony Dale (Scorpion) for tweeting what appears to be our first complete looks at Kenshi, Liu Kang, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, what looks to be Noob Saibot, Kung-Lao, Johnny Cage and more in COSTUME FOR THE SERIES!!! So now at least we know what they will all look like! Before this all we knew were bits and pieces here and there. Well down below is the first full group photo of all the MK cast in full costumes, ENJOY!

Looks as though most of the MK characters are looking pretty darn solid to me! Noob looks a bit goofy but overall not too bad!

Kenshi looks dead-on! What are your thoughts CBMers?

An article I posted a few days ago showed the early stages of Kenshi...he looked goofy in the pictures with long hair. Looks like he will indeed revert into the Kenshi of the videogames! Everyone looks great and I'm happy to finally see what they will look like!

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