Harley's Revenge DLC Review

Harley's Revenge DLC Review

This is my review of the Harley's Revenge DLC. It will contain LOTS OF SPOILERS!


This is my first review ever and I feel it was much needed. Before I get started I just want to say that I am obviously a huge Batman fan along with a huge fan of the Arkham video game series. I feel that Rocksteady has done an amazing job with this series. Unfortunately I do not feel the same about this new DLC “Harley Quinn’s Revenge”. I had been waiting for a campaign DLC since I beat the original campaign and I thought it was going to complete the game for me. This review will be spoiler filled so stay away if you don’t want anything spoiled. Well lets get started on this review.
Harley Quinn’s Revenge starts off about two weeks after the death of The Joker in Batman: Arkham City. Batman has gone missing for two days and has not been the same since the death of the Joker and Talia Al Gul. Robin goes into Arkham City to find Batman and of course is kept in contact with Oracle who is worried about Batman. Robin finds a way in to the Steel Mill where he takes out multiple of Harleys newly costumed thugs. The fighting is still great in this game of course and it feels just as it did at the launch. Robin makes his way through the Steel Mill until he comes across some thugs who are surrounding Batman’s Utility Belt. All are afraid to touch it because of a thug who got electrocuted before. It was actually funny to listen to the dialogue at that point. After taking the thugs out Robin picks up the utility belt and we are rewind to two days before when Batman first went back to Arkham City.

Batman arrives in Arkham City to where he meets up with Commissioner Gordon outside of the Steel Mill. Gordon tells Batman that Harley blames him for what happened to the Joker. Harley kidnapped some of Gordon’s officers and he has no way of getting in. That of course is where Batman comes in. He makes his way into the Steel Mill and the first place he goes is to The Jokers old hideout. (MAJOR SPOILER) Now there is a baby crib there with a pregnancy test saying negative. There are also multiple others around the crib saying negative. Maybe she lost the baby mourning over the Joker??? After saving a cop from outside the room you make your way back outside where you have to find Harleys secret hideout and then find her 3 thugs to give you the code cards to get in. Once inside you have a predator mission were you must save one of the officers. After taking out the thugs Harley Quinn comes in the room and takes a shot at the officer when Batman jumps in the way. He is hit in the chest and left unconscious. One of the thugs takes his utility belt and it starts beeping and then electrocutes the thug.

Back to Robin, After Dialogue with Oracle he goes into the next room and fight a few thugs. (one of which is talking about getting his hands on Batman and another says whats stopping you? He is just in the next room). After taking out those thugs in the next room is Batman in a little orb being held by a Joker Shrine. Harley then comes on the intercom and of course being Harley accidently tells you her exact location in the Shipyard. On the way there you see some good use of Robin’s gadgets (at this point I said Robin was a BEAST!). Once in the Shipyard you have pretty much a “Two Face” like boss battle from the Catwoman story where you have to keep attacking until she is defeated with more thugs entering the room. After defeating Harley and her thugs Robin grabs her asking “where is the key”. She says “you’ll never find it” Robin “oh really?” of course it’s in her bra and he grabs it. Is it just me or does Batman AND Robin get lucky cheap fills on Harley?? Those lucky guys! Anyway you make your way back to the Shrine and it’s a room full of Harley’s Thugs (including one titan). Take out the Thugs and then you release Batman. Of course instead of saying Thank you, Batman asks “what kept you?” That ungrateful asshole! Harley comes over the intercom saying that everyone will still die since she still has some of the cops there and there are bombs all over the place. Now you’re back to playing as Batman.

Batman goes to disarm the bombs while Robin saves the cops. You disarm the first bomb and then you have 5 minutes to disarm the other 3 bombs. (3 minutes to get the achievement/trophy “Bomb squad”) Once again Harley comes over the intercom and says that its still not over. She has a surprise for you, something that would make the Joker proud. After heading back to the Shrine you see Harley Quinn with a detonator in her hand and must fight some type of jokerized wonder city robots?(They are actually seen all throughout the DLC’s story). During the fight Harley is on Jokers Shrine shooting rockets at you. When the fight is over Harley declares “This is it, Just you and me and the only thing that can stop this place from going SKY HIGH!” You grapple up to her and take the detonator which doesn’t stop the bomb from going off behind Batman. The countdown starts from 5. The commissioner runs up to the building outside as the building explodes pushing him back. Somehow Batman gets out with Harley as she wanted to get left behind. So she could be with her Mr. J. Batman asks Gordon where Robin is and he says “I thought he was with you” Harley says to Batman, see how it feels! Batman asks what has she done and looks back at the building. Harley pulls out a knife and runs at Batman trying to stab him, When Robin throws a “shuriken” at her saving Batman. Robin saved the cops and Batman left the site saying “I’m done here”. Gordon ask Robin if Batman is alright. Robin says Yeah…. “Of course he is” as the screen goes to black and the credits roll.”

Now don’t get me wrong this DLC was awesome, but it was not worth 10 bucks. It was way too short. I picked up this DLC at 10 o’clock in the morning, I got home at 10:07 AM and finished around 11:30 AM (without finding all of Harleys dumb balloons) but that’s way too short for 10 dollars (ALSO IT TOOK LIKE 15 MINUTES TO DOWNLOAD!). So much more could have been done with this DLC. What happened with Hush? Where is Nightwing when all of this is happening? I’m sure he has to be worried about Bruce also. I really can’t see Oracle sending Robin in alone on that mission when Batman had already been captured. Also why did they kill off the whole “Harley’s Pregnant” thing, but it was never brought up in the DLC other than the pregnancy test. I mean that should be another reason why she wants revenge right? I really feel like they shouldn’t have done that with her pregnancy. I was hoping that would lead to a Batman Beyond game made by Rocksteady. Some type of “Return of the Joker” styled game.

What did yall think of the DLC??? Hopefully this isn’t just fanboy rage and you guys feel the same way.
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