Kaiju Combat Bares A Monstrous Roster!

Kaiju Combat Bares A Monstrous Roster!

Terrifying monstrosities unleashed as Kaiju Combat opens their cages and reveal their steadily growing destructive roster!

If you thought War of the Monsters had a intimidating cast of horrifying monsters, then Kaiju Combat is going to make you re-think that with a three hundred and sixty degree turn.


Height: 75 meters
Weight: 45,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Adaptable
Primary Attacks: Strong punches
Secondary Attacks: Spiked Legs
Primary Weapon: Arc Beam, Neutron Cascade, Extermination Ray
Secondary Weapon: Ballistic Rockets, Radio Pulse
Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Exterminus is a cyborg war-machine from the distant planet of Burria Prime. In his neutral aspect he exhibits well-rounded combat abilities and weapons. If necessary, he can adapt himself into one of three additional aspects, which radically alter his combat strengths, weaknesses, and weapon loadout.

Repaired and re-built countless times, Exterminus became uniquely suited to destroying every opponent he encountered. Too late his creators discovered that, after vanquishing his original enemy, Exterminus began to indiscriminately kill all life on the planet - reducing the surface to an inhospitable wasteland. Centuries later, Exterminus still walks the barren crust of Burria Prime - ever watchful for new signs of life to analyze, engage, and exterminate.


Height: 85 meters
Weight: 80,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee, Charging
Primary Attacks: Teeth
Secondary Attacks: Tail, Charge
Primary Weapon: Putrid Cloud
Secondary Weapon: Reality Tear
Energy Style: Hunger

Overview: Macrosaurus is an enormously fat Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is so fat that his arms are totally useless, and he cannot jump. He has a hugely powerful mouth, and an insatiable appetite. He can eat almost anything at all without injury, and frequently does!

And with a nightmarish hunger that was so strong that he bite a hole in the fabric of spacetime itself - creating vortexes to other eras and locations. At first Macrosaurus satisfied himself by eating whatever material came through these rips - but eventually he forced himself through one. Now untethered by time and space, Macrosaurus treats the universe as his personal buffet.


Height: 95 meters
Weight: 55,000 metric tons
Gender: Female
Combat Style: Grappling
Primary Attacks: Claws, Teeth
Secondary Attacks: Ice Spines
Primary Weapon: Ice Blast
Secondary Weapon: Armor Shatter
Energy Style: Fury

Overview: Tornaq is a guardian spirit made flesh - in this case her flesh has taken the form of an enormous polar bear. Tornaq is the embodiment of arctic fury, and has more than enough power to maul her opponents at close range. Her ice blast slows and damages opponents. Tornaq can encase her forearms in a heavy sheet of ice - slowing her melee attacks but increasing their power. She can also encase her torso in ice as a form of armor. Both types of armor can be shattered on the ground as an additional short-range attack.


Height: 100 meters
Weight: 52,000 metric tons
Gender: Male
Combat Style: Melee
Primary Attacks: Clawed Feet, Beak
Secondary Attacks: Wings
Primary Weapon: Stone Spew
Secondary Weapon: Wind Gusts
Energy Style: Hunger

Overview: Despite the incredible coincidence of looking almost exactly like a giant chicken, Kikiron is an alien gladiator who rose through the ranks of the fiercest Kaiju known across the galaxy. With his incredible strength, surprising speed, and brilliant tactical mind, Kikiron became a champion warrior feared and idolized by all. He specialized in low-gravity combat, showing unsurpassed skill at fighting within loose asteroid fields. But at the height of his prowess, Kikiron was betrayed by a rival syndicate.

He was transported unconscious from his galaxy to our own, and now has no way to return. None of the sentient Kaiju in our galaxy seem able to communicate with Kikiron, so he cannot even locate any proper Kaiju Battle leagues, or find a way to establish himself as a potent fighter, rather than a mindless beast. Worst of all, Kikiron's fearsome appearance seems to only amuse his new opponents, so he is continuously denied the respect he had previously earned as a Kaiju champion.

Through the fine artistic creativity of Matt Frank, and the impressive creative structure through the minds of their creators. These kaiju present not only a interestingly diverse roster, but also present a telling that Kaiju Combat will be one hell of a game to experience.

To read up on more of the monsters, observe Sunstone Game's wiki page upon their Kaiju Combat forums.

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