Kevin Conroy Doesn't Know Anything About Another ARKHAM Game, But Grey DeLisle Might

Kevin Conroy Doesn't Know Anything About Another ARKHAM Game, But Grey DeLisle Might

Warner Brothers has registered a bunch of domain names for what looks like another Batman Arkham game. Could the next game have the Justice League in it? Kevin Conroy claims not to know anything about it, but Grey DeLisle says she might.

Best known for his work as Batman in most of DC's animated work as well as the Arkham game series, Kevin Conroy was at SacAnime to talk about his long career voicing The Dark Knight. Joining Conroy was voice actress Grey Delisle, who voiced Catwoman in Arkham City. During the panel they were asked if there was any plans to do another Arkham game. "If we talked about it, we would have to kill you," Conroy joked. He went on to say he, "is not aware of anything." A fan pushed him further and asked about the possibility of a Justice League game, where he once again shrugged it off and said he didn't know.

DeLisle on the other hand was a little more forthcoming. "We can't say," she said. "Because if I wasn't involved in a Justice League thing I would just say I wasn't involved." This in now way shape or form confirms that the next Arkham game will be based around the Justice League, it could be a different game based of the League. Also, it could be DeLisle toying with the audience to get a reaction.

With Warner Brother registering some new domain names that are heavy with the word Arkham, it would seem that it they might be possibly planning another game. Some of the domain names feature the word Universe as well, so it could mean it might contain some of DC's other heroes if the project is indeed moving forward. To check the video out from the panel, click HERE. For the latest on comic book video games make sure to check back here at CBM.

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