Kevin Conroy Won't Reprise His Role In Arkham Origins

Kevin Conroy Won't Reprise His Role In Arkham Origins

Kevin Conroy Won't Reprise His Role In Arkham Origins

NAG magazine has revealed that the legendary voice of Batman will not be returning. Also GameMasters UK,and VideoGamer reveals some interesting tidbits of this version of Batman.

Details regarding Batman Arkham Origins have surfaced through GameMasters UK, VideoGamer, and NAG Magazine.

These sources have revealed the following about the highley anticipated videogame.

According to Nag Magazine:

Kevin Conroy will not reprise his role as WB Games Montreal decided to go with a new voice actor to fit with the younger Batman. The name of the voice actor wasn’t revealed

GameMasters UK Senior Producer Ben Mattes says:

The Batman of Arkham City is Batman 5.0. He will punch out a guy without looking at him knowing exactly how many teeth he’s just fractured just from the feeling from his knuckles. Our Batman is version 0.9.
Expect every boss encounter to be different
We [ WB Games Montreal ] really believe that we’ve made the coolest version of Deathstroke [in any media]. He’s a wonderful counterpart to Batman.
Making Batman scary again is important. Thugs are in absolute awe of Batman, debating whether or not he’s even human.
Two game features were abandoned because they didn’t live up to previous Arkham games. (1) Robotic drones that would hunt Batman were axed because the developers decided that Batman shouldn’t spend the whole of the predator sections on the defensive. (2) Gusts of wind from the dynamic weather system which would force thugs to stand still and cover their eyes made it to difficult for players to control Batman ( snowy rooftops made him slip ). Mattes said that they cut it because it “sucks”.

And From Videogamer:

Batman is impulsive, overconfident as he still has to encounter an opponent on par with his strength. He is clever but does not think of everything, for example when interrogating a thug he can be dominated by violence and stun the thug before getting the information he wanted. The major difficulties he will have to deal with in the game will have a strong impact on his psychology and will make him change to the more realist and stoic Batman from the previous games.
Rupert Thorne is mentioned (as well as Falcone)
Some of the 8 assassins will be side missions, and we will not be finished with them from the first encounter.
Unlocking location for the Batwing is a whole side mission : an unknown hacker has jammed the radio system and Batman needs to restore it.
New combat move : Batman can rush toward an enemy while knocking another one on his path.
Freeze boss fight from Arkham City is suppose to be the main model for Origins boss fights.

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