MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT Reveals The History Of THE WARRIORS OF THE SKY; Teases The Sky Kyrin

MARVEL FUTURE FIGHT Reveals The History Of THE WARRIORS OF THE SKY; Teases The Sky Kyrin

Marvel dive deeper into the lore of its all-new original superhero team, The Warriors of the Sky, revealing the history of the Sky Kyrin. The Warriors are coming to Netmarble's MARVEL Future Fight soon.

Earlier this month, Marvel revealed the Warriors of the Sky, a brand new super hero team with Southeast Asian roots, coming to Netmarble's action-RPG MARVEL Future Fight.

The team is comprised of four heroes with unique powers, each representing a distinct nation in Southeast Asia: War Tiger (Thailand), Blue Dragon (Vietnam), Sun Bird (Malaysia), and Shadow Shell (Taiwan). While their powers were previously detailed, Marvel is now diving deeper into the lore of the team and revealing the Sky Kyrin.

Over a million years ago, humans engaged in a War of Dragons that almost lead to the beasts conquering the known world. The last vestiges of humankind stood their ground at a final bastion known as the Temple of the Moon. Before the dragons could destroy the humans, a lone Celestial journeyed to Earth and constructed a powerful entity of spiritual and cosmic energy: the Sky Kyrin.

With this unstoppable force, the humans defeated the dragons and peace returned to the land. The lone Celestial broke the Sky Kyrin apart into four separate entities, its energies journeying to walk amongst humans. Now, as danger looms on the horizon, the Sky Kyrin will unite once again to save the world in an explosion of spiritual and cosmic power.

The Warriors of the Sky are coming soon to MARVEL Future Fight, but with a growing market in southeast Asia, it wouldn't be surprising to see Marvel expand upon this new super hero team through additional forms of media, including comic books, television shows (possibly on Disney+), or even movies in the future.

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