MARVEL STRIKE FORCE: New Strategy-RPG Brings The Fight To Mobile Devices In 2018

MARVEL STRIKE FORCE: New Strategy-RPG Brings The Fight To Mobile Devices In 2018

On the heels of Marvel Heroes being shutdown, Marvel has announced MARVEL Strike Force, a new game for mobile devices that unites your favorite superheroes and super-villains in a battle against Ultimus.

Marvel Entertainment and FoxNext Games have announced MARVEL Strike Force, a new squad-based strategy-RPG coming to mobile devices next year.

Developed by FoxNext Games, MARVEL Strike Force will unite your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, as they must cast aside their differences and battle side-by-side against one of the biggest threats the world has ever seen: Ultimus. 

"In “MARVEL Strike Force,” war has come to Earth as Ultimus, a Kree warlord, has jumped from one dimension to another, conquering every version of Earth along the way. He has finally arrived at our doorstep, and it’s up to us to stop him," explained FoxNext Games Creative Director Jason Bender. "The player commands S.T.R.I.K.E., the Strategic Tactical Reserve for Interdimensional Key Events; the only line of defense against threats like Ultimus."

Team composition and synergy is said to be crucial to MARVEL Strike Force, with "immense depth of strategy across characters and squads," of which are typically comprised of five characters on the field at a time. There are currently around 70 characters to choose from,  including Defenders like Luke Cage and Jessica Jones, Guardians like Groot and Drax, and many of the Avengers. Iconic wildcards like Night Nurse, Doctor Strange, Quake, and Spider-Man will also be available. Certain characters when fielded together - like Rocket Raccoon and Groot, for instance - will have unique and powerful abilities. As a free-to-play game, we assume these characters can be unlocked over time by simply playing the game and completing achievements or using currency either earned in-game our purchased with real-world money.

In addition to team synergy, every character has a variety of gear and unique abilities that can be upgraded to improve their strength and unlock new tactical options. "For example, Daredevil might start out attacking a single target at a time, but will quickly grow to chain his martial arts maneuvers to multiple enemies in a single attack," explained Bender. As one might imagine, upgrading your characters will unlock quite a bit more strategy options. It's harder to say if you'll be able to purchase upgrades for your characters as that runs the risk of turning the game into a "pay-to-win" model.

A teaser trailer for the game was released, providing a glimpse at some of the player-vs enemy content, but Bender says player-vs-player combat will also be included from the start as well. Alliances will also be available for you to join with friends and other players to team up and battle Ultimus together, including conquering Raids, a cooperative game mode that provides some of the most powerful rewards in the game. "The Alliances that work together most effectively will be able to conquer the toughest Raids, but the mode is tuned to be fun for more casual players, as well," Bender assured.

In MARVEL Strike Force, get ready for battle alongside allies and arch- rivals in this action-packed, visually-stunning free-to-play game on your mobile device. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! Lead the charge by assembling your ultimate squad, including Spider-Man, Venom, Captain America and Iron Man to fight an all-new enemy threat in strategic combat. It’s time to fight! Gather your squad and prepare to the battle for Earth!

MARVEL Strike Force is set to debut worldwide in 2018, but if you pre-register now you can unlock a super-powered Daredevil and additional resources to bolster your fight against Ultimus.

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