MONSTER HUNTER Director Says His Movie's Beasts Are Even More Detailed Than JURASSIC WORLD

MONSTER HUNTER Director Says His Movie's Beasts Are Even More Detailed Than JURASSIC WORLD

Monster Hunter was recently pushed back from this September to next April, and the movie's director, Paul W.S Anderson, has now hyped up the creatures he's created for the upcoming video game adaptation...

Last Friday, Monster Hunter became the latest Hollywood blockbuster to be delayed. While it was previously scheduled for a September 4th, 2020 release, the video game adaptation will now arrive in theaters on April 23rd, next year...well, assuming they haven't been forced to permanently close their doors thanks to COVID-19! 

During a recent interview with Empire (via SYFY Wire), Monster Hunter director Paul W.S Anderson hyped up the movie's monsters by comparing them to the real-life beasts seen in Jurassic World.

"All our monsters are 50-60 feet tall. They're really amazing. We're building them in even more detail than the dinosaurs of Jurassic World," he teases. "And they look even better, because we shot on real locations in South Africa and Namibia, which gives the animators something to really match into: real wind, real dust, real sun-flare. The monsters are the only CG thing in there."

Bizarrely, the filmmaker would go on to say that the juxtaposition of real-life environments with stylized CGI monsters has led to the crew referring to Monster Hunter as, "Lawrence of Arabia...but with monsters!" That's quite a tagline, and one which will probably excite fans of the games.

At this point, we haven't seen enough from Monster Hunter to judge it either way, but even if it only ends up being a dumb action movie, that will probably end up doing the franchise justice! 

Are you excited to check this one out?

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