Mortal Kombat's "X-Ray" Move; Characters revealed!

Mortal Kombat's "X-Ray" Move; Characters revealed! has a done a Video Featurette on one of Mortal Kombat's new, and most gruesome moves, the "X-Ray" move! The cringe you get when you see Goro's X-Ray alone is enough to rival some of the most brutal fatalities! Also, new characters have been thrown in the video! Including a certain Tournament winner!

The video below covers talks with NRS's development, and the making of X-Ray moves! Revealed within the video are multiple new X-rays never seen from some characters, such as Kitana, Goro, Ermac, and Liu Kang!

Pause around 20-21 seconds, and catch your first glimpse of Stryker! Also, if you notice, you'll also spot Jade, and Baraka!



Ermac's X-Ray


Liu Kang!

Jade being crushed!

Goro's gruesome X-ray!
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