REVIEW: Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man-- (by TheAmazingSpidey63)

REVIEW: Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man-- (by <i>TheAmazingSpidey63</i>)

After a couple of days since its release, Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man has been purchased by gamers and Spidey fans since Day 1. But is it really worth getting? What makes this game such a highly-awaited game? Is it as good as it seems? Well, hit the jump to read my review and see what's so amazing about this game!

Hello, fellow CBMers. In this review, I'll be going over the many features of Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man game. As I go on about reviewing the game, I will be rating each feature that the game has in store. Features like the new 3D open-world, the combat/ fighting technique skills , the graphics of this game, the voice-acting, and so on. I will go over the many "goods/pros" of this game, as well as the "bads/cons." So, let us begin....

The Goods/Pros

I will start the review on the "Goods/Pros" that this game contains. What makes it so fun to enjoy. What makes this game pretty amazing. Get it? Amazing? See, 'cause that what's Spidey is usually called in most of his comic book series and the title of Spidey's upcoming mov......Never mind.

- The 3D Open-World: When it comes to superhero games (like Spider-Man, Batman, Iron-Man, Superman) an open-world feature is a goldmine for many gamers. Just the thrill of exploring the unkown areas that the game may contain for us players. With Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man, the 3D open-world is its biggest feature that really makes it enjoyable. The vast open-world of Manhattan. With this, you can explore the many different, multiple places of New York City. Places like Times Square, Central Park, the Oscorp Building, and more. The landscape and environment of the game is very impressive, vast, enjoyable, and it gives the player the option to just swing around the city and explore the full 3D world of New York City. So for this feature that Gameloft has done so well with, I'm gonna give it a five ot of five. Just all out impressed with this beautiful full 3D world that we can have fun with.

(Webswing into a fully open 3D world of the Big Apple? Count me in!)

- The Graphics: As with all games, the graphics are what really makes a game. It's pretty much the crème de la crème of games. And for "The Amazing Spider-Man," it pretty much holds up to that......well, kind of. What I mean by that is with the iPhone/iPod Touch, the graphics in the game isn't really as good as it looked in the game's trailer(s). The graphics are pretty reminiscent to that of the PSP's graphics of the Spider-Man 3 game. The graphic is nowhere near superb, really, but still, the graphics on the iPod/iPhone are acceptable. It's a mobile game. That's the best graphic that you'll get with a mobile game like that. What are you gonna do, you know? Oh, and as for the iPad's graphic, I've seen videos that had The Amazing Spider-Man game on the iPad, and I must say, the graphics on the iPad is a lot better compared to the iPhone's/iPod Touch's. But, still, that doesn't mean that the game is a total lost. So for the graphics that this game has, I'm gonna give a....four out of five. With the iPhone/iPod, the graphic is, like I said, acceptable, good. With the iPad, the graphic looks better than the iPhone's/iPod's.

(Just another day in the life for Spidey, I guess.)

- The Combat/Fighting Controlls: With the combat system/fighting controls of this game, it definitely feels like Gameloft's previous Spider-Man game, "Spider-Man: Total Mayhem." While the controls on "Spider-Man: Total Mayhem" were easy to use/remember and very engaging, I think that Gameloft could've taken the time to come up with new ideas for a new combat system for "The Amazing Spider-Man." I don't think that this previously used combat system is at all bland or boring, but I just feel that with this new game it should have had a fresher, newer combat system. There is also an option to customize your fighting technique, Spider-Man's strength, endurance, health, webbing, and the whole kaboodle. So for the combat system, the customization of Spidey's fighting technique, strength, health, etc., I'm going to give it a....three and a half out of five. While I am disappointed that we didn't get something new for the combat system, I think that it pretty makes up with the customiztion of Spider-Man.

(Taking out the bad style!)

- The Bonuses/The Other Stuffs: Now, before I end this portion of this "Spidey-filled" review, I would like to also bring on the bonuses that this game has to offer. For starters, players get to attempt different types of challenges that Manhattan has to offer you. From saving injured civilians from fatal car crashes to assisting the cops from vicious gang members. In completing these challenges, you get to upgrade many of Spider-Man's skills and abilities. Throughout Manhattan, you collect these "spider-emblems" that is scattered across the city, making it difficult to locate them all. As you collect them, you earn points that you can use to buy things or, as I have said, upgrade Spidey. You can use these points to buy health potions, skill potions, adrenaline rush potions, etc. They're pretty neat bonuses that Gameloft has included in the game. But I think that the bonus that I like the most is buying the Black Suit for Spider-Man to use. Yep, that's right. You also get the Black Suit for Spdiey. Now, before you start thinking that the suit is the comic book version of the Black Suit, it isn't. Nope. Instead, it's the Spider-Man 3 version of the suit. Now, this suit doesn't affect Spidey's strength, health, webbing, or his combat skills. But it does give you this skill where you jump up into the air, come back down and perform some sort of dive-bomb, which creates a sort of earthquake effect. So for the bonuses, challenges, and the included Black Suit in this game, I'm gonna give it a four out of five. I'm glad that they added a few more goodies for the players to enjoy. Especially the Black Suit.

(Just to show you which Black Suit I'm talking about. No, it's not the one from the comic books.)

The Bads/Cons

Well, now that we have gone over the goodies of the game, we must now venture forth to the....not so good part of this review. Yep, I'll now discuss the "Bads/Cons" that this game contains. So, let us begin....

- The Voice Acting: Now, with voice acting, it's essential to many games so that you get to know what your character is like. It gives the characters their personality, it's what makes them them. With voices that are in The Amazing Spider-Man, I'm not all that impressed with it. Especially Spidey's voice, unfortunately. The voice actor for Spider-Man sounds pretty much like the same one from Spider-Man: Total Mayhem. While the voice acting from Spider-Man: Total Mayhem was an okay performance, the voice acting in The Amazing Spider-Man isn't as 'okay' as its predecessor's. In my opinion, Spidey's voice can, at some point in the game, sound a bit corny, or too cartoonish. As for his dialogues in the game, it can also be subpar. As for the additional voices throughout the game (such as Gwen Stacy, Dr. Connors, the Lizard, etc.), they seem to be at an 'okay' scale. Overall, at some points throughout the game, the dialogue can be bland and Spidey's voice is 'meh'. So for the voice acting for this game, I'm gonna give it a three out of five. The overall voices for this game can be 'meh' or 'okay,' but I wished that they could find someone else to voice Spider-Man (or even cast a voice actor who has done Spidey before. Like Josh Keaton, Sam Riegel, or Drake Bell).

(Ummm......Well, I, uh, guess somebody needs a hug....Yeah.)

- The Lag/The Low Frame Rate: We now come to our last "Bads/Cons" of this game (thank goodness, too). Now this is the annoying part of the game, which can often happen every once in a while. The lag or low frame rate that happens with this game. In some point throughout the game, players will experience this unfortunate mishap. The game is compatible with the 4th generation iPod Touch (16/32/64GB) along with the iPhone 4, iPad 2, and the New iPad. After you buy the game, during your first few minutes of playing this game, you'll experience some lagging when controling Spider-Man. Your controls for Spidey will also be affected by this low frame rate, making the controls for Spidey a bit harder. The reason for this mysterious low frame rate is unknown (not because of the limited space you may have on your Apple product or how may Apps you have on you Apple item). Hopefully Gameloft can soon give out an update to the glitches and/or bugs that is in the game. So to rate the lagging/low frame rate, I am, of course, going to give it a BIG zero out of five.

(One word for you all. Amazing.)

The Conclusion

Well, that was a lot to go through. We've gone over the "Goods/Pros" of this game, and we've also gone over the "Bads/Cons" of the game. Now for the overall results for The Amazing Spider-Man. With the amazing features that Gameloft has worked hard on and put into the game, despite the few negatives of this game, I will give this game a......four and a half out of five! Yes, a four and a half out of five, fellow CBMers. While the game does suffer from low frame rate and a 'meh' voice acting, the goodies of the game saves it from becoming a big flop of a game. It's addictive, awesome, and, yes, amazing. So I do recommend this game to fellow Spidey fans, Marvel fans, fellow CBMers, or just those who are interested in ol' webhead. I hope you found my review informative and insightful for Gameloft's "The Amazing Spider-Man." And remember, stay EPIC, my friends!
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