Ronda Rousey Wants To Play Samus In A METROID Movie

Ronda Rousey Wants To Play Samus In A METROID Movie

Ronda Rousey appears to be in better spirits after her tough loss to Holly Holm. After landing the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition wearing a body paint swimsuit, Rousey recently stated that she'd love to play Samus in a Metroid movie.

In the last several months, Nintendo has made noise about loosening its restrictions on its popular IPs and being more open to film and anime adaptations.  That means Rousey might just get her wish about playing Samus in a Metroid movie.  

"I've always wanted to be Samus. That would be badass. I love how people found out later that it was a hot chick on the inside. And then most of the day you're in a suit, so you can just hang out and eat donuts and be the star of Metroid. I hope they make a movie out of that."

Lego movie producer Roy Lee who's currently shepreding several fan boy projects in development has also recently stated that he'd love to get his hand on a couple of Nintendo IPs.  Is all this posturing an indication that Hollywood is now assessing the possibilities of Nintendo and its characters for film adaptations?  If a Metroid movie were to be made, what would you want to see and would you want Rousey to play Samus?

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