SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - More Leaked Artwork Featuring The Redesigned Speedster Revealed

SONIC THE HEDGEHOG - More <font color=red>Leaked</font> Artwork Featuring The Redesigned Speedster Revealed

Earlier today, a video started doing the rounds online showing what appeared to be a redesigned version of the title character in the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. Now, we have a closer look at that artwork...

As you can see from the banner image above, Paramount decided to completely redesign the iconic blue speedster for the upcoming live-action Sonic the Hedgehog movie. While they clearly hoped to bring him into a real-world setting, the reaction to those first images and the trailer was overwhelmingly negative and it forced the studio to delay the film and go back to the drawing board.

As a result, Sonic is now being completely re-designed, and some images have popped up online today showing what may be Paramount's brand new take on the iconic video game character.

As you can see, they've altered the original design and ditched all the changes that were made beyond how his fur will look on screen. He has the familiar gloves and shoes, not to mention a shorter stature which is much closer to what we're used to seeing. 

The eyes have also been altered, and it seems they're now going the Detective Pikachu route by lifting this character straight out of the games with pretty much no changes (which is what fans want to see). Time will tell whether this is real, but Sonic the Hedgehog has been plagued by leaks from the start, so chances are it is.

What do you guys think fo this new version? 

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