The Amazing Spider-Man game

The Amazing Spider-Man game

thoughts about the tie in game to this year's Spidey reboot.

I previously stated in another article about my thoughts and feelings for this year's web slinging adventure, The Amazing Spider-Man. Now with alot of thought lately, I feel I should write my thoughts on the game, an epilouge to this years film. But the timing....

Timing of the release: The game is released before the movie but is an epilouge to it? Really? They mention interaction with Dr.Connors in the game which pretty much ruins the movie's ending in some sense. I'm split down the middle with that. I like it because it's change and also Dr.Connors has always been a major point in Peter's life, but at the same time it ruins the films ending and I just really hated that.

Potential villains: This is where my troubles is at, they've released that Rhino and Iguana are villains in the game but who else? I mean there are some options becuse of the human dna mixed with animal dna which is for the first movie but with it being more realistic it does take out possiblities like Venom and Carnage for future games and films for this particular trilogy to be. The villains I think are gonna be in this game besides Rhino and Iguana are the follwing: Kraven, (possibly) Morbius, Spider Slayers (again potentionally, which makes sense from the first trailer for the game in some way.), Chameleon, Scorpion.

I'm not a huge fan, but those are villains I think are gonna be in the game and they would make sense.

New features: The games web rush ability from what we've been told about it, I am already liking. I like how the camera is closer to Spidey as well as he shows damage which alot of people are saying is a rip off of the new Batman games. I personally think why should an idea be for just one game, why not take a small feature and apply it in your way for your own game. I personally think that Beenox is the perfect choice to make the Spider-Man games, I personally think that Spider-Man 2 has some competition although I don't think that it'll be better than the Batman games (then again I posted a review saying Shattered Dimensions is the best superhero game ever aside from Marvel Ultimate Alliance as the best overall). Anyways, the detail in the enviorment ( I probably spelled that wrong, I apologize) and in the characters are just great. It's not the best graphics for a game but again, the detail just sold me.

Final thoughts: I am excited for the game in every way possible the only real problem I have with it is the timing, I feel it should be released after the movie but that's just me. What about you?
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