VIDEO GAMES: Assassin's Creed III Reveal Trailer and Other Info

While last year's Assassin's Creed: Revelations got a lot of fan backlash, this threequel(sort of) is shaping up to be the best game in the series yet.

First off, it's been way too long CBMers. So I just wanted to give everybody a shout-out, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I've been pretty busy lately but I'm back and hope to stay for a while.

Without further ado, here's the announcement cinematic trailer:

Not too shabby, eh? This trailer was made with the in-game Anvil Next Engine, which can now reportedly handle a thousand characters on screen and makes this game the biggest AC ever.

Also, thanks to the latest GameInformer, we have plenty of info in the characters, setting, and gameplay.

-The game takes place in the years 1753-1783 in the cities of Boston and New York.
-In between the cities is a map known as the Frontier, which is 1.5 times the size of Rome and features a third of the game's content. It has famous locations like Lexington and Concord or the main character's Mohawk Village.
-The main character's name is Ratohnhake:tin(which is pronounced Ra-doo-ha-gay-doo), but his "American" name is Connor Kenway. His mother was a Mohawk and his father was a British soldier. He was raised in a Mohawk village until he clashed with the British and his village was burned down. This lead him to join with the Assassins in a search for justice, not revenge,
-The first part of the game you play as Connor as a child.
-The game has a summer-winter cycle, where in the winter everything is covered in snow and enemies are at a disadvantage.
-Players will meet George Washington, Ben Franklin(although he won't be like Da Vinci), and Charles Lee, who appears to be an enemy.
-Stealth has been expanded to make Connor seem more like a predator.
- Combat has been reinvented to make it more fluid and dual-wielding is present. Some weapons you can use: a bow and arrow, dagger, knife, flintlock pistol, flintlock rifle, hidden blade, and an assassin tomahawk.
-Freerunning has been improved; you can slide under obstacles, maneuver around in new ways, and climb trees.
-They are hiring Mohawks to do some voice acting and even using the Mohawk language in some scenes.
-Desmond returns, and this will be his conclusion. His scenes have to do with the temple at the ending of Revelations.
-There will be multiplayer and 4-player online co-op.

So, not bad, eh? Are you interested in a change from the Renaissance setting, or are you bored of these games entirely? Regardless, ACIII is set to release in October 30th. If you preorder from GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon, you get a SWEET steel book case with a cover by Alex Ross(already picked mine up). Leave your thoughts in the usual place.
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