VIDEO GAMES: Black Panther makes an entrance in Marvel Avengers Alliance

VIDEO GAMES: Black Panther makes an entrance in Marvel Avengers Alliance

Black Panther has FINALLY been added to the Facebook game. Also check out an image for Mockingbird who's also been added- but with some strings attached.

It's been a while now, but T'Challa is finally a part of Marvel Avengers Alliance- the now, quite popular, Facebook game. Check out the art unveiled for the King of Wakanda!


Lvl 1 Ability : Anti-metal Claws
Ignore defense, Bleeding, Heart of Panther- increases his Accuracy by 50%

Lvl 2 Ability : Wakandan Arts
Exploit bleeds, Eye of Panther- increase his Evasion by 50 %

Lvl 6 Ability : Panther Stance
Panther stance- increases his Attack & Defense by 50%
Rage of Panther- Transforms heart of panther into a 3 turn buff that also has follow up attack. Accuracy increases by 50 %
Guile of Panther- Transforms Eye of the Panther into a 3 turn buff that also has counterattack. Evasion increases by 50 %

Lvl 9 Ability : Vibranium Daggers
Remove buff ability, Short Circuit- stuns machines

^This is the current status of my Black Panther
Another new entrant to the game is Hawkeye's better half, Mockingbird! In her case however, there were several fiery hoops to jump through in order to acquire her.

The Spec Ops 001: Don't Say A Word is almost coming to a close wherein there were 3 missions that needed to be 5 starred inorder to get Bobbi in your hero roster. Playdom made the Spec Ops so tough at the beginning, that it really seemed it was impossible to get her. Many players resorted to purchasing the game gold with real cash so that they could obtain the unstable ISOs that were required for every fight & every deploy(5 for each in fact!)

Then with only 7 days left for the Spec Ops to end, PD decides to compensate, by increasing the time limit by another week, drastically lowering the margins for acquiring the stars in the 3 missions, making the battles waaay easier, & buffing up the Boss bonus weapons!

^Where my Mockingbird currently stands...

Passive: Mock Combat- changes to the counter class of any attacking character.

Lvl 1 Ability : Twin Strike
Combo Set Up- the next unarmed attack against this target deals extra damage.

Lvl 2 Ability : Pole Vault
Dizzy- Accuracy reduced by 25%

Lvl 6 Ability : Critical Intel
Weak Points- next attack against this target is guaranteed to hit & crit.
Critical Intel- extra turn whenever Mockingbird changes class.

Lvl 9 Ability : Mocking blow
Paragon Exploiter- deals extra damage against targets with bleeding, burning, chilled, combo set up, Dizzy, Exposed, Poisoned, Slowed or Stun.

Download loads of HQ images, get LOADS of tips for the game & find out what I love & loathe about it by clicking the link at the end of this article.

Are you guys playing the game? What are your MAA rants & raves? Comment below!


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