VIDEO GAMES: First Trailer For 007 LEGENDS Reveals 'Moonraker' Mission

VIDEO GAMES: First Trailer For 007 LEGENDS Reveals 'Moonraker' Mission

The first trailer for the new 007 Legends game has players taking the role of James Bond(Daniel Craig) in 'Moonraker' for 007's first mission. Hit the jump to see the exciting trailer!

The game, which is being developed to coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the James Bond film franchise. Will incorporate the stories of six Bond films, retelling them with an over-arching narrative that ties them together.

I'm a big James Bond fan, but much like the video games, some of the movies were huge misses. Moonraker is one of those movies. So I am surprised to see it's inclusion in this game.

However, that fact the this trailer could make the Moonraker film so entertaining to play, is a feat in itself. And a great sign we could have another good James Bond video game adaption on our hands. Personally, I think the James Bond video games work better as third-person shooters.

But this trailer shows, much like the hugely popular N64 Goldeneye game(the one that started it all), first-person isn't such a bad way to go:

Skyfall will a play part in the game as one of the five other playable missions or as part of the ending narrative i.e. not playable. From the looks of the Skyfall trailer, I really hope it's the former.

007 Legends is set to release October 16th, on the Xbox 360, and PS3.
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