VIDEO GAMES: Gods Among Us: 5 characters who should be playable

VIDEO GAMES: Gods Among Us: 5 characters who should be playable

I give 5 characters I feel should be in the game as playable fighters.

I am a fan of fighting games, it's my genre. Particularly the Mortal Kombat franchise as many of you are aware of so, when I heard that NetherRealm Studios is making a DC fighting game, I got excited. While, I am not a DC fan and not a fan of anything they have done as far as comics and shows go, I do respect them. I didn't think I'd be happier when the two most obvious heroes were announced, my two DC favorites: The Flash and Batman. But then, I got to thinking. Who should be in the next game? The lines of good and evil are blurred, the best example being Superman and The Joker has an intregal part in the story. Here is the first guy I thought of and I do think he should be in the game, playable.

While I never heard of the character before coming to this site and didn't respect him at first because he was DC, I got curious and looked him up and watched different scenes on youtube from Batman: Under the Red Hood and I was sold. Red Hood is a badass and a great character, he would fit perfectly into Injustice Gods Among Us. Don't ya agree?

Now, I promised you 5 characters and the other four are coming but, not all of them obviously should be in the story. Here they are, the other 4 characters who should be playable in Injustice Gods Among Us.


He's the badass of the corps. Not to mention Green Lantern is already in the game, why not add Sinestro? Sinestro is a equal to Green Lantern more less. The gameplay would be similar to Green Lantern but, obviously Sinestro would have more aggresive moves.

Captain Cold

We have enough Batman characters, don't ya think? Get a Lantern or two have a rouges gallery or more for other characters too. More than likely, two at most. So, with The Flash, I would like to see the New 52 version of my favorite Flash villain. Captain Cold. He could be the Sub-Zero for Injustice as far as the types of moves he does go. Cause lets face it, the version(s) before the New 52 sucked and were not threatening.


Deathsroke should be an obvious as far as who should be in the game. He (like Red Hood) is practically fitted and perfect to be in the game. It's not brainer for me. Plus story wise, I'm sure he can fit in somewhere. Deathstroke is probably one of my favorite characters and while he is a deadly one at that, I always found him to be one of the better and more fun characters in the DC Universe.


He's probably the most brutal and badass character on this list. His way of thinking and the way he defeats his enemies, not to mention his choice of weaponry qualifies him to be in the game. Not to mention he deserves a little bit of love too, not just Aquaman. Not many people here like him from what I have seen but, I think Lobo is another perfect canidate for the game.

That's my list, what is yours? Comment below and be respectful as always.
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