VIDEO GAMES: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Adds Nightwing And Cyborg To Playable Roster

VIDEO GAMES: INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US Adds Nightwing And Cyborg To Playable Roster

[Now Updated With Footage] During San Diego Comic Con's preview night, producer Ed Boon brought two new character reveals along with a playable demo of Injustice: Gods Among Us. You can click the jump to find out the fighting styles of both characters.

Nightwing vs Superman! No, that is not a mullet. It does look like that, eh?

At San Diego Comic-Con, Injustice: Gods Among Us has it's presence felt along with new character reveals. Ed Boon now reveals the game adds Cyborg and Nightwing to it's already growing roster of characters. Now, TheVerge reports that they were able to play the highly-anticipated video game and dish on the fighting styles of each character.

Nightwing's life before crime-fighting consists of major acrobatics at Haly's Circus, so it's only right they add it into his fighting style. After he become Nightwing, he developed signature weapons and it is confirmed that his trademark staff will be in the game. Even though the former sidekick of Batman has his staff for long-ranged attacks, it can can be split into halves with the press of a special button (B on Xbox 360, most likely to be circle on PS3) that will noticeably increase the speed of Nightwing's attacks -- as well as his jump height. However, with the lack of the long staff at his disposal, he will lose any long range he had on his attacks. The inclusion of Nightwing is the third Batman character to be in the game, along with the likely inclusion of The Joker.

Look! Cyborg!

With Cyborg's heavy inclusion in the New 52's Justice League, it's no surprise that he is added to the game's roster as well. Cyborg's fighting style reportedly consists of a lot of hand-to-hand combat moves, as well as adding in projectiles such as lasers and missile strikes targeting different sections of the opponent's body that possibly make Cyborg as unique as possible in the game while fully utilizing the high, low, and mid combat attack mechanics. His "special" move is being described as health-regenerating which allows the player to stay offensive at all times. Vic Stone is not a surprising inclusion because of his heavy comic book role but with both reveals once being part of the Teen Titans, does this mean we can expect more former Titans?
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