VIDEO GAMES: Lego Batman 2 To Have A Shared DC Universe

VIDEO GAMES: <i>Lego Batman 2</i> To Have A Shared DC Universe

A promotional photo has leaked online for the upcoming sequel to the Lego Batman video game that will be titled Lego Batman 2: Super Heroes, that shows us that the new games will have a shared universe with other DC superheros.

The people over at Bricktuts have gotten a hold of a promotional image from the upcoming Lego Batman follow up Lego Batman 2: Super Heroes. The image shows Batman and fellow DC universe character Superman. According to Brichtuts the game will have a much larger expanded universe including the likes of Green Lantern and Wonder Woman as well.

From Bricktuts:

An image of the new upcoming LEGO video game called “LEGO Batman 2: Super Heroes” has been revealed. The game will include all of DC Comics characters, which include Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman! The game is rumored for 2012 and will likely be released for all platforms.

The game is rumored to be released around the same time as The Dark Knight Rises, as some sort of promotional tie in, which would explain why Batman's suit has went from grey to all black. There is nothing confirming this however. It is also worth noting that it appears Superman have his red underwear on as well, meaning this most likely doesn't reflect DC's new 52. With the first game selling over seven million units it is no surprise that they are trying to expand on its success. Are you likely to pick this game up because of the shared universe or would you have rather just left it a Batman only title. As usual leave your comments in the comment boxes below.

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