VIDEO GAMES: Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics And Marvel Heroes 2015 MMO Trailer Hits

VIDEO GAMES: Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics And Marvel Heroes 2015 MMO Trailer Hits

Two new, good looking video game trailer just got released from Marvel. One of them is Marvel Heroes, a free online action RPG that is set to released in 2015 and on the other side we have Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics, in this game you follow the Avengers and help save the world. Hit the Jump!

Marvel, over the past few days, have been promoting these two newest editions to the Marvel Gaming Universe, Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics And Marvel Heroes 2015 MMO. Both of these games add updates and are spinoffs of older games.  In one game you protect the world from the Savage lands and in the other game you can play as a Marvel hero and save the world as well. So check out both trailers below and tell which one you think is better.
Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics

"Marvel: Avengers Alliance Tactics" follows the Avengers as they work to protect Earth against threats from other dimensions. S.H.I.E.L.D. has sent a strike force to the Savage Land after detecting an enormous energy anomaly. This routine containment mission reveals a shocking source: The imminent collision of uncountable parallel dimensions. Now, super heroes from each dimension turn on each other, desperate for survival

Marvel Heroes 2015 MMO

"Marvel Heroes," the free online action RPG based in the Marvel Universe, is celebrating one year of incredible updates and additions with the launch of "Marvel Heroes 2015." Now available, "Marvel Heroes 2015" takes what players loved about "Marvel Heroes" and immediately expands upon it with even more new content.

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