VIDEO GAMES: Netherrealm Is Considering Alternate Skins For INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US

VIDEO GAMES: Netherrealm Is Considering Alternate Skins For INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US

Worried you wont see your favorite sidekick in the upcoming video game Injustice: God Among Us? Well, game developer Ed Boon has a clever way of how they might just be able to incorporate them in to the game with out adding them.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is shaping up to be a pretty intense game. Based on the trailers, photos, and other promotional items it would seem it will be a must have game for any DC fan. Character reveals have been happening more frequently, and with so many characters switching who they are in the comics, when one is announced you have to make sure it's who you think it is. Ed Boon of Netherrealm Studios, who is developing the game, says don't over think it. "When I was a kid, Barry Allen was the Flash and Wally West was Kid Flash. There was the Justice League and there was the Teen Titans. Then I stopped reading comics a while, come back and Wally West in the Flash! Robin became Batman! I kind of missed a generation," he told VG24/7. He went on to say that in his mind (and for this game) Hal is Green Lantern, Barry is The Flash, and Bruce is Batman.

However, he does have a clever idea of how to include more characters (mainly sidekicks) with out actually introducing them into the game. "One thing we’ve been considering doing is alternate skins for the characters. It’d be cool if we could, say, have a main Barry Allen skin and then if you really want to go retro have a Kid Flash skin, or Impulse. All of those things would be a lot of fun," Boon explained. Fully aware that he can not accommodate everyone, Boon is still excited about possibly being able to do bring some of those characters in via playable skins. Boon also said be on the look out for some lesser more obscure character reveals soon as well. For the latest on Injustice: Gods Among Us, check back here at CBM.

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