VIDEO GAMES: Three X-ladies join the fray in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

VIDEO GAMES: Three X-ladies join the fray in Marvel: Avengers Alliance

MAA is adding some probability, bling & thievery to their game. Hit the jump for some amazing character art!

This may be old, but unreported out here all the same. Yes, Scarlet Witch has been FINALLY added to the game! And she ain't alone- Emma Frost & Rogue are keeping her company!

Emma Frost is the reward you receive at the end of Spec Ops 002 (that is nearly coming to a close). This time the Spec Ops was waaay more fun & achievable unlike Spec Ops 001 (where the reward was Mockingbird) which was pretty much a complete disaster.

And yes, Emma's Phoenix 5 costume is on it way along with those for the Cyclops, Colossus, & Magik (who will be another new character thrown into the mix). Emma Frost & Scarlet Witch have become complete game-changers in PVP& it's not rare to find at least one of em, if not both, facing you in PVP battles!

Rogue has been a more recent addition & has already become a fan favorite.

There's a lot more new characters & heroes' costumes set to be released in the game. Click the link at the end of this article to check out some more cool character art along with my views on the many new changes in the game.


Hey, check out the Avengers poster & the The Wolverine minimalist poster I created!

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