VIDEO GAMES: Time for some Magik in Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

VIDEO GAMES: Time for some Magik in Marvel: Avengers Alliance!

Revolving around the Avengers vs X-Men event, Spec Ops 3 has begun! And you'll be able to add Magik to your hero roster at the end of it! Also, what if Jean Grey was alive & part of the Phoenix 5....?

It's been a pretty small gap between the Spec Ops 2 where we were able to get Emma Frost join our hero roster. Now Playdom has released Spec Ops 3 (SO3): Avengers vs X-Men!

Luckily for us, Playdom seems to be sticking to the same task-based style with their Spec Ops now ever since the previous one started it. So after 25 tasks are completed you can add Illyana Rasputin to your team!

Now since Playdom doesn't have rights to use Namor in the game he is not the fifth member of the Phoenix 5. Instead we got Jean Grey donning a sexy new P5 outfit herself! Best part is she's also the Epic Boss you have to go up against in the 3rd mission of the SO.

The best feature in this SO in my opinion though, is the ability the play each mission in 2 ways- each time you begin any one of the missions, you are first asked each time if you want to fight alongside the Avengers or X-Men.

Depending on your choice, certain heroes from the opposing team will not be available for battles or deploys. Also what's fun is that the bosses are members from the X-Men or the Avengers depending on what team you support in your run of that mission. So this way you are able to fight the Phoenix 5 & see what those costumes are all about. The costumes aren't available for purchase yet but they will be soon- & this sorta serves like a preview to help you figure out which costumes you'd want to get (in case you don't have sufficient Command Points to buy them all!

Now y'all MAA addicts can click the link at the end of this article to check out LOADS of other images, my opinions so far on the Spec Ops & some tips to help you move more efficiently through it...


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