What if a DC vs Marvel video game happened?

What if a DC vs Marvel video game happened?

Imagine if the powers that be came together to give us the greatest crossover video game of all time!

The top two comic book companies in the business have collaborated on numerous occasions to bring us great comic book stories, but imagine if they worked together to bring us an epic action-adventure fighting video game.

X-Men vs Street Fighter came out in 1996 and it was the first video game in which Marvel pitted their characters against another brand's characters, in this case Capcom. A few sequels later, we get Marvel vs Capcom: Clash of the Superheroes, a very successful game which became its own franchise and series with the most recent one "Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3", being released in November of this year.

Surely DC wouldn't fall too far behind in the video game fighting crossover genre and released their answer to "Marvel vs Capcom" in 2008 with "Mortal Kombat vs DC." A bizarre combination which ultimately proved to be a success for both DC and the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Now what if the two comic book giants decided to work together and make millions of fans' dreams come true?

Well then, we would get Marvel vs DC: The Video Game

I've played both games and I love Marvel vs Capcom's tagging and assist system and I enjoyed Mortal Kombat vs DC's finishing moves and combos, along with the 3-Dimensional gameplay.

The roster for this collaboration would need to incorporate characters from both companies that are not only fan favorites, but would bring something to the game. I've included in this roster, characters that give the gameplay a good balance, popular characters, and a few lesser known characters that are nonetheless interesting.

Because of the apparent power gap between DC and Marvel (with DC having the more powerful characters), I've listed the characters side by side with what I believe would be an equally powerful counterpart, i.e Superman and Thor could conceivably be a well-matched fight.

Like every good video game, it needs an engaging story to keep the audience invested in the game.

"Dr. Doom, the penultimate villain in the Marvel Universe, is power hungry and mad! With his mystic powers he discovers another universe, one that might just be more interesting than the one he currently occupies. He encounters a sophisticated form of Artificial Intelligence, codenamed: Brainiac. A mutual understanding and goal leads to the two working together to conquer not only one universe, but all of them, starting with the two worlds that they have been unsuccessful in enslaving, the Marvel and DC Earths. Only by banding together, can the heroes from both worlds stop this evil alliance."

The gameplay would be similar to MK vs DC, with a cross dimensional dilemma being the reason for these characters getting together and fighting each other in the first place and a choice to play as either side in story mode.



Captain America

Wonder Woman

Green Lantern


Martian Manhunter

Black Adam

Invisible Woman


Iron Man

Of course, there would have to be unlockable characters right?

Human Torch

Green Arrow
Doc Ock

Dr. Doom

There you have it, a good mix of heroes, villains, males and females, bruisers and projectile users and other varieties of the fighter and super-powered type. Having this good mix is essential and as the story would progress, the player would run into NPC popular characters from each world, such as Robin, Joker, Luthor, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Giant-Man, Black Panther, etc.
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