Matthew Goode Looks Back On WATCHMEN, & THAT Quote About The Fanboys

Matthew Goode Looks Back On WATCHMEN, & THAT Quote About The Fanboys

You may or may not remember Goode's reponse to a question about the fanboy backlash he received when he was cast as Ozymandias in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, but we're here to remind you! We also have Goode's feelings on the matter now..

Back when Matthew Goode was cast as Ozymandias in Zack Snyder's polarizing adaptation of Alan Moore's Watchmen, the fans weren't best pleased. Most of the other casting choices were met with approval, but Goode just seemed to rub them the wrong way. When the actor was asked about this back in the day, he responded: "If fanboys still hate the film after going and seeing it, they can all line up and suck my d***." A bit crude sure, but I must say I can understand his frustration with an entire group of people judging a performance they hadn't even seen yet. The very idea! Anyway, while interviewing Goode about his new movie Stoker, The Huffington Post asked him all about it.

"I wasn't convinced that I was the right choice to play him. And there were a couple of remarks I made in a very off-hand, facetious, jokey way, 'What if the fanboys don't like you?' 'Well, they can all line up and ...,' you know. I think we know that quote. I love literature and when I see things made into films, I worry about the casting, too. I think the fact that I was the only one out of all of the characters that Zack Snyder thought outside-the-box for: he cast it younger and different. Everyone else was pretty much bang-on -- and age bang-on as well. I was too skinny, I was 20 years ... whatever. So, that led me to kind of over-think it in some ways and give myself more of a backstory. I don't know. I think the film will age well."

I was a bit wary of Goode in the role myself, but he ended up giving a pretty good performance..some of Snyder's odd accent decisions aside! For the full interview click on the link below.

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