Paddy Considine Was In The Running To Play Rorschach In Watchmen

Paddy Considine Was In The Running To Play Rorschach In <i>Watchmen</i>

Though not under Zack Snyder. In a webchat with Empire the Dead Man's Shoes actor says that he might have considered coming on board Paul Greengrass' version of Watchmen. He also reveals his thoughts on Sci-Fi in general..

Nothing major here but I thought it was worth posting on a slow news day since Considine was actually fan cast as Rorschach by lots of people when the movie was gearing up to be shot. U.S. CBMers may not be as aware of his work as those in The UK and Ireland but excellent performances in movies like In America, Dead Man's Shoes and tv's Red Riding have made him a firm fan favorite with many wondering if and when we would see the actor take a superhero or sci-fi type role.

Empire recently opened up discussion with Considine in a webchat and he revealed the following..

Would you ever do a superhero movie? Have you ever come close or had talks about being in one in any capacity?

There was a vague whiff around the Watchmen, when Paul Greengrass had the project. But the reality is Jackie Earle Haley was incredible in that role, and I couldn't have got anywhere near what he did in that film.

I don't recall ever seeing you in a sci-fi movie, would that be something you'd like to do?

Yeah, if the subject matter's right. It depends what side of sci-fi you're talking. If you're talking the Moon/Blade Runner side, then count me in. If you're talking Transformers 3, then don't talk to me at all.

I was one of those fans who thought Considine would have been perfect as Rorschach so I find it very interesting and a little bit disappointing that we never got to see it. Though as he says himself Haley was damn near perfect anyway. What do you guys think? Any other superhero roles suit him?

Paddy Considine's directorial debut Tyrannosaur is out in UK cinemas now and will be released in the U.S before the end of the year.


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