Watchmen Argument

The Comedian was right. Humanities savage nature will ultimately lead to global annihilation. But did it have to be tricked with the Greatest Practical Joke in Human history?

Watchmen has a great conclusion. The idea of the world possibly on the verge of ending it utopia is fun to think about. At first I couldn't understand it. But once I realized the world was a utopia I could see the danger. If you don't know the movie Watchmen was based on the graphic novel. In hindsight I feel I should have gave it a chance in the 8th grade. Adrien Viedt uses Dr.Manhatten's power to kill millions around the globe. So.America and Russia would join forces and form a utopia. Rorschac gets killed in the end refusing to go along with Videt's utopia. His plan was to tell everyone that Videt was responsible for the mass killings. Rorschac has a definite view of morality. Black and white like his mask. He likes the mask because the black and white never mix,which perfectly illustrates his view of the world. Videt is the movies villain in the sense that he has this big plan to kill lots of people. He is Rorschac's opposite. He believes the preservation of human life is more important than any constructed concepts. And he believes this almost as much as Rorschac believes in justics.

The reason I'm writing this is to spark a debate. Who's side are you on? Ozymandias in Life regardless of Justice or Rorschac's Justice regardless of Life? Keep in mind that in telling the world of what Videt did could push the world back into war. Which could lead to a nuclear Armageddon. Or would you rather live in a utopia based on a lie. Knowing that a reporter as access to Rorschac's journal,showing the findings of his investigation. Pointing to Videt as the real killer. Nite Owl said that Videt has "deformed humanity". What do you think? Who's right in this? Is anybody right on this?

Lastly I probably shouldn't do this,but if you have any topics for discussion put your thoughts in the comments. Nothing is off limits.
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