Zach Snyder Talks Sucker Punch and Watchmen!

Zach Snyder Talks <i>Sucker Punch</i> and <i>Watchmen</i>!

See what Zach Snyder had to say about Sucker Punch and Watchmen!

Zach Snyder talked with CBR after the first footage from his upcoming film Sucker Punch was shown to fans at Comic Con. Basically they discussed the film but the topic of Watchman critisism came up and Snyder had some interesting things to say.

Snyder on the crowds reaction to the Sucker Punch footage...

I think the crowd reaction was exactly what I would hope for. The only thing I had to gauge it on was really the girls. They hadn't seen the footage, either. They had no idea what they were going to see," he recalled. The cast includes Vanessa Hudgens, Jenna Malone, and Carla Gugino. "They were shaking and out of their minds. That was good."

On what exactly Sucker Punch is..

"It was really born from an idea I had about making this transition, visually, into a dreamworld. It just started building from there."

On criticism his film Watchmen has recieved...

"I wouldn't have made the movie any different knowing what I know now; I would've made it exactly the same way. I think that it's naïve to assume that there's another version - a more faithful version. That's one thing, for sure, you wouldn't get."

On talking to Watchman artist Dave Gibbons about his concerns about leaving out "the squid"...

"When I talked to him about it - asked him if I was crazy - he was like, 'No, [of course not]. The squid was a layer of the graphic novel that we were always afraid wouldn't work.'"

For those of you who have yet to see the trailer for Sucker Punch I have included it below.

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