6 Most Likely Possibilities For Warner Bros. Two Newly Dated DC COMICS Movies In 2020

6 Most Likely Possibilities For Warner Bros. Two Newly Dated DC COMICS Movies In 2020

With Warner Bros. setting two more DC Comics movies for 2020, we take an in-depth look here at the six possible adaptations which are most likely to take those slots as the DC Extended Universe grows...

Warner Bros. already has two DC Comics adaptations dated for 2020 but last night they revealed that two more are now on the way that year. It seems unlikely that the studio is going to release four of these in the space of seven months but given how many projects they have in the works which are set in the DC Extended Universe, it makes sense that we could theoretically get all of those from them. 

What we look at here, though, are the two newly dated movies which are coming our way on February 14th and June 5th. Those dates alone give us a very good idea of what could be in the works and we've listed the six adaptations we believe are the most likely to take those slots. Chances are Warner Bros. will reveal all during their panel at Comic-Con this Saturday so click through to see if we're right!

6. Batgirl

Joss Whedon has taken charge of Justice League in Zack Snyder's absence, but what's he getting in return? A healthy pay cheque for starters but something tells me that his deal with Warner Bros. included the opportunity to direct a movie he's passionate about and we obviously know that that's going to be Batgirl.

With that in mind, I wouldn't be at all surprised if once the filmmaker has taken a breather from his work on Justice League, he gets straight to bringing Barbara Gordon to the big screen. It may seem somewhat cliched but the fact it's a female led superhero movie could make that February 14th slot the perfect choice for a movie like this and given how well Deadpool did around that time, Warner Bros. know that superhero movies have the ability to perform well on the most romantic day of the year!


5. Man Of Steel 2

A Man of Steel sequel has been rumoured as being in the works for what feels like forever and 2020 seems like the perfect time to bring Superman back to the big screen. He'll be making his big return in Justice League this November but with no follow-up to that officially on the way, the studio simply can't keep a superhero this iconic on the shelf for 3+ years.

A number of directors have either expressed interest or been rumoured for this one so a 2020 release date makes sense, especially as that gives Henry Cavill time to squeeze in some other projects between Justice League and Man of Steel 2. Who knows, Zack Snyder may even be ready to return to the DC Extended Universe by the time production on this movie would start so I wouldn't be at all surprised to see Superman take flight again come June 5th. 

4. The Flash

The Flash was supposed to be released next year but after the loss of a number of directors and a series of rewrites, the Fastest Man Alive has stalled and now Aquaman is the only DC Comics movie coming in 2018. While 2019 is a possibility for the movie, Warner Bros. is unlikely to start moving forward with this one until well into next year and a big part of that is because of Ezra Miller's ridiculously busy schedule.

The Fantastic Beasts franchise is dominating his time right now but there's no way the studio is giving up on The Flash, especially as it sounds like he'll steal the show in Justice League and that they already know how marketable the hero is thanks to the popular TV series on The CW. With that in mind, 2020 feels like a good fit for the Scarlet Speedster and gives them time to get this long delayed movie right. 


3. The Batman

Speculation that The Batman isn't going to happen continues running rampant but new director Matt Reeves is saying all the right things and sounds determined to make it a reality. Whether or not it will end up starring Ben Affleck is an argument for another day but the director has gone back to the drawing board to rewrite Affleck and Geoff Johns' screenplay so a 2019 release could be pushing it.

Like Superman, though, Warner Bros. is going to want to get Batman back on the big screen without delay so chances are we could see the Dark Knight take that June 5th slot in order to really take advantage of the summer blockbuster season the same way War for the Planet of the Apes has. Again, this one hinges on a lot of different factors but 2020 currently looks most likely for the return of the Caped Crusader in solo action.


2. Gotham City Sirens

I mentioned that Batgirl would be a good fit for that February 14th slot but so too would Gotham City Sirens. The female led blockbuster looks set to revolve around Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Catwoman and as romance has often blossomed between the former two in the comic books, this movie could end up being quite the twisted treat on Valentine's Day!

Then again, if it's going to revolve around Harley getting vengeance on The Joker, that too could make for an interesting parallel to the normal offerings the 14th brings and you can easily imagine Warner Bros. having a lot of fun during the movie's marketing campaign as a result. David Ayer could theoretically start working on Gotham City Sirens as soon as next year but I can't help but feel the studio will want to put some distance between Suicide Squad and this.


1. Wonder Woman 2

Wonder Woman has far exceeded expectations both critically and commercially and with reliable sources claiming that Warner Bros. will be announcing the sequel at Comic-Con on Saturday, I think that June 5th seems almost a guarantee. It's the same date the first movie was released on and there's very little competition around that date, so who know, the studio could even think that they'll reach $1 billion with the sequel a little under three years from now.

Valentine's Day is also a possibility but this is a franchise I think Warner Bros. is going to want to keep as a summer tentpole so if this isn't the date made official next weekend, we'll all be shocked. Three years is a long time between movies but it worked for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 so can definitely work for the Amazon Warrior as well.

Which movie do you guys think will be released on these dates in 2020? As always, be sure to share your thoughts on that in the comments section down below.

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