Director Nicolas Winding Refn Reveals His Casting Choice For Wonder Woman

Director Nicolas Winding Refn Reveals His Casting Choice For  <i>Wonder Woman</i>

The Danish auteur is the next "it" director in Hollywood right now. His passion is to direct Wonder Woman and he's been in talks with Warner Bros. Find out his choice female to play the title character.

One of the directors in contention to direct a Wonder Woman film, Nicolas Winding Refn, has recently revealed his pick for who he wants to play the Amazon princess. In an interview with New York Magazine, Refn had the following to say:

At the U.S. premiere of Refn's Ryan Gosling neo-noir Drive at the Los Angeles Film Festival last night, Refn (director) referenced the Wonder Woman project he's long wanted to make, then pointed at his Drive co-star Christina Hendricks and said, "If I ever get to do it, she's going to be it." Hendricks would almost certainly be game — she told Rachael Ray last year that "I've been wanting to wear that outfit my whole life ... I had Underoos — I had Wonder Woman Underoos."

Refn is actually my choice to direct the film. Click here to see my recently posted editorial on the history of all the undeveloped Wonder Woman projects over the last 20+ years. In it, is an interview with Refn, where he has some interesting things to say regarding his take on the character.

As for Ms. Hendricks, I'm definitely a fan. Who wouldn't want to see her in the classic Wonder Woman outfit. Plus, she's a pretty good actress on Mad Men. She'd deliver much better than what we got from January Jones in X-Men:First Class. What do you guys, think? Is Hendricks the best choice or is there someone out there better?

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